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The air transportation system in Canada plays a lead role in helping passengers and cargo travel safely across our skies. NAV CANADA – responsible for planning and managing Canadian airspace – works within a deeply interconnected network of airports, aircraft operators and government agencies to ensure a safe, reliable and efficient flow of air traffic. 

While air transportation provides many benefits to our regions, in some cases, it impacts the daily lives of people living by an airport.

To address this concern, significant efforts are being made across the aviation industry to reduce our collective impact on communities. This includes building quieter aircraft, implementing noise abatement procedures by airports, and leveraging technologies that reduce an aircraft’s noise profile.

At the heart of our airspace review and modernization efforts is a continued shift towards a sustainable future for aviation. We do this by encouraging the use of industry best practices that benefit our environment and using satellite-based navigation technologies.

Satellite-based navigation technologies enable us to design more direct routes while reducing our noise and environmental footprint.

When making changes to airspace and air routes, this process is guided by the industry’s voluntary Airspace Change Communications and Consultation ProtocolOpen a new window.