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Technical Services Technologist

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Technical Services Technologist Career Specializations

We are the teams responsible for the maintenance of all NAV CANADA air traffic service facilities and navigational aids located across the country.

We are looking for motivated individuals energized by learning and who have completed post-secondary training in electronics technology or an approved alternative program.

You’ll join a team that invests in your career and offers ongoing training in air traffic management, and communication, navigation and surveillance systems.

Lucas Lunt - CNS Technical Services Technologist Trainee

“My team and I service equipment that not many people ever get the chance to work on or even see. I’m constantly learning new things, as my team’s work is a vital part of the Company’s operations.”

Chelsea Gill - ATM Technical Services Technologist

“Being able to adapt to varying situations and understanding the needs of the end user is a key part of our role.”

Laureen Lok - Technology Operations Coordinator

“The technology and the uniqueness of working in the aviation industry is what attracted me to NAV CANADA. My job can be fast paced and exciting.”


As your career gains speed, the learning never stops.

To compliment your electronics technology (or equivalent) diploma and experience, we make sure our technical services technologists can meet the demands of the job by providing the right training and tools to work on our operational systems. Training is career long, so you’ll remain up to date on the latest technologies, many of which are developed by NAV CANADA’s Technology team.​​

As a technical services technologist Trainee your career at NAV CANADA starts with a two- to three-week orientation course, but this is only the beginning of the investment we make in your learning.

You can expect to attend up to 50 different courses during your first three years with our Company, as you develop your expertise in air navigation technology. These courses are delivered by our Competency and Training team and other external training partners, either in-class or virtually, offering hands-on learning with our equipment, and guided by experienced instructors and mentors at your technical service centre.

Other courses put you in charge of your own learning by using self-study and other self-led virtual programs. Our instructional team is constantly developing new material and updating our existing catalog of courses. Your learning will continue after official training with the help of onsite mentors who will give you real-life experience with the various aspects of the equipment. 

Depending on your position, you’ll learn about air traffic management systems and networks used by air traffic controllers, or instrument landing systems, radar and communications systems essential to pilots navigating and staying in contact with air traffic control. You can also expect training in occupational health and safety, environmental issues, human factors, project management and, should you be interested, leadership development.

Career Development

The sky’s the limit.

After completing your technologist training, you’ll have opportunities to advance your career by moving to new teams, working on special projects or taking on management or training roles.​​

As you look towards your future at NAV CANADA, there are many opportunities for you to grow your skills and train in other fields within our Technology team:

Technical Services Specialists provide active support to technologists in our flight information regions, ensuring operational systems are always available for use by our air traffic controllers, flight service specialists and air navigation system users.

Third Level Support is provided at the National Calibration Laboratory (NCL) and Central Repair Facility (CRF), both based in Ottawa, Ontario. The NCL procures, evaluates and calibrates the full range of test instruments used in the field. The CRF performs in-depth troubleshooting and repair at the circuit-card module level.

Technology Training develops training and competency requirements and delivers training in person, virtually and through self-led courses to support the technical services technologists. Many technologists become instructors to pass on their knowledge and experience to new trainees. 

Technology Operations Coordinators (TOC) are located at each of our seven area control centres. They are staffed 24/7 to monitor the real-time performance of air navigation systems and equipment.

The Technical Systems Centre team located in Ottawa, Ontario is responsible for the specification, procurement and life cycle management of all NAV CANADA ATM, CNS, Network & Telecom systems. 

The Quality and Safety team administers the integrated quality program, under the umbrella of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Business elements of quality, safety, and environment are all part of the program, which includes an internal audit of all departmental functions.

Revenue Services provides our external clients, like the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority and airports, with equipment maintenance services. These contracted services can include airport security screening equipment and various equipment for our airline industry partners.

Technology Team Supervisors lead small groups of our front-line technology teams. Team supervisors accomplish daily tasks while acting as a mentor and leader for other employees within the Technology group

Technology Management Team located across the country lead specialized groups to achieve departmental goals. Opportunities exists within our frontline Technical Services group as well as, Life Cycle Management, Training, and more.

Total Compensation

We offer industry leading benefits.

Technical services technologist trainees receive a salary that ranges from approximately $49,008 to $76,751 annually. Once you complete your training and become a TEC-1, your salary moves to the $76,792 to $101,751 range, which increases as you gain experience.

Add that to our pension plan, our health and dental care plan, long term disability insurance plan, health and wellness programs and three weeks of vacation time to start, and our total compensation is among the top in the industry.