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Our Strategic Direction

25 years ago, a Canadian success story was born. 

Stakeholders across Canada’s air transportation industry saw an opportunity to improve the country’s air navigation system, recognizing that a private company would be more agile, innovative and able to keep pace in the ever-changing aviation sector than government. With the creation of NAV CANADA in 1996, Canada became the first country in the world to privatize its civil air navigation system. Today, we remain one of the few fully private companies in the world wholly responsible for air traffic control, flight information and other aeronautical services.

The transition from a government organization to a private company was the start of our journey to look for a better way to deliver services to our customers — one that continues today. With 25 years of innovation and achievement underpinned by a world-leading safety record, we are looking ahead to new horizons as we shape the future of air navigation services.

To see our new Shared Purpose statement and learn more about our quarter-decade of work providing air traffic services, aeronautical information and air navigation technology, visit About Us. To see what's in store for the next chapter of our story, read on.

Three interconnected initiatives will guide us into the future, transform how we deliver service over the long term and provide value for our customers.

Trajectory-Based Operations
Airspace Modernization
Digital Facilities

Strategic Priorities 2022-2026

Our work will be guided by five Strategic Priorities that will lead us through the next five years. They will support our journey through the aviation industry's recovery, build overall resilience and help us shift as the world around us evolves.

The Strategic Priorities are focused on efforts to:

Strengthen the foundation

Unlock culture for transformation

Partner for success

Optimize for efficiency

Transform for customer value