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Pre-Implementation Update

NAV CANADA is proceeding with implementation at the end of November

NAV CANADA again thanks all community members and stakeholders who participated in NAV CANADA’s consultation process in regard to the implementation of new satellite-based arrival procedures at Toronto Pearson. Throughout the consultation, NAV CANADA shared information of the benefits and impacts of the proposal and sought valuable feedback from communities.

As previously communicated through key community engagement channels, NAV CANADA is proceeding with implementation at the end of November. ​​

We anticipate a gradual and steady utilization of this innovative operation to occur. When the new operation is in use, residents can anticipate that some eligible aircraft will leverage the new procedures, which reduces flying time, greenhouse gases and overflight of residential areas northwest and northeast of the airport where possible, while leveraging quieter continuous descent operations. Over the long term, this technology will further assist us in generating opportunities to keep aircraft higher on the downwind for communities southeast and southwest of the airport. Many aircraft will continue to operate on existing procedures in ways similar to those observed in the past.

Please note that over the early weeks and months following implementation as the air traffic controllers familiarise themselves with the new approaches, there may be some different runway usages occurring when on an easterly configuration, including departures from runway 05 and arrivals on 06R/L. This will be a temporary occurrence and limited to a few hours in the middle of the day to support capability development and enable near-term benefits.

We are also pleased to share the following video to mark implementation as an additional resource on the benefits of RNP-AR deployment at Toronto Pearson.

Enhancing operations and reducing the industry’s environmental impact

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