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Safety Management System

Effective, efficient and fully integrated

NAV CANADA was one of the world’s first ANSPs to establish an all-encompassing safety management system (SMS) for promoting safety awareness and managing risks proactively, systematically and consistently.​​ ​​

With safety as a driving force behind every decision we make, a comprehensive and fully integrated SMS is key to the achievement of our safety objective.  

Starting in 1997, we were pioneers in establishing a company-wide SMS. Fundamental to its success is a trusted, collaborative environment amongst all aviation stakeholders both internal and external, where safety information is openly shared, to drive continuous improvement in the reduction of operational safety risks. We also bring stakeholders together by sponsoring the Canadian Aviation Safety Officer Partnership, launched in 2010, to facilitate safety information sharing and collaboration among safety professionals from Canada’s aviation community. 

We’ve embedded safety into our corporate culture — championed by every single employee and at the core of everything we do. Our Just Culture program gives all employees the confidence to raise safety-related issues so they can be addressed. Just Culture empowers everyone to contribute to the overall safety of Canada’s air navigation system. This program is supported by our Corporate Just Culture Policy, which states the Company’s commitment to promoting an atmosphere where any employee can openly report and discuss errors, hazards, incidents, accidents, and/or system deficiencies without the fear of reprisal.

An important element of our SMS is our Corporate Safety PolicyOpen a new window, which outlines our commitment to managing safety in order to drive continuous improvement when it comes to our safety performance. Everyone at NAV CANADA has a role to play in keeping Canada’s skies safe.

Today, our fully mature SMS is integrated into every aspect of our operations, helping ensure regulatory compliance and providing the foundation for a vast array of other safety-related activities. 

Our Safety Charter

The strength of our SMS rests with the people who provide Canada’s air navigation system. NAV CANADA’s Safety Charter embodies the safety commitment of those people:

  • Safety is a part of everyone’s job.
  • Safety applies to everything we do without exception.
  • We will meet or exceed our safety targets and our customers’ expectations.
  • We will achieve excellence in safety through open communications.
  • We will make a safe system even safer.