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Valuing diversity in our workplace

Diversity in people, talent and ideas

Education, life experiences, culture, age, gender, religion and more all contribute to a more vibrant workplace and a sense of belonging.  

“Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy is about more than checking a box; It’s about ensuring our culture is one where everyone can contribute fully and bring all the elements of who they are to work — our diverse backgrounds, education, interests, character, and points of view." 
- Bethany Johnston, Director Portfolio Delivery 

"I am very happy to be part of the NAV CANADA family. The support and understanding I have received has helped shape who I am today, and I am excited to see diversity growing within our organization. I believe diversity and inclusion encompasses those of us who are facing challenges that are not clearly visible. I proudly look forward to further supporting inclusive workplaces at every level and it starts with me sharing my story.” 
- Abby Kahlon, Human Resources Business Advisor 

‘We are NAV CANADA’ is more than just a headline. Since I joined NAV CANADA in 2000, that sense of belonging has multiplied, and it continues to grow exponentially. NAV CANADA has, in every respect, successfully promoted and integrated diversity and inclusiveness.”  
- Faycel Farza, Manager, Technology Processes, Controls, and Tooling