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AIP Canada

The AIP Canada has three parts: Part 1 - General (GEN), Part 2 - Enroute (ENR) and Part 3 - Aerodromes (AD). AIP Canada Supplements (SUPs) and Aeronautical Information Circulars (AICs) are also found on this page.

The Current Issue is for the current publication date and remains on the site until the expiry date. The Next Issue is for the next effective publication date and is posted no later than ten days prior to the effective date.

The Publication ScheduleOpen a new window lists the 56-day cycle publication dates for the AIP Parts 1 to 3 and the 28-day cycle publication dates for SUPs and AICs. 

Minor editorial changes may be made to the AIP Canada without notice. All substantive changes are clearly marked with a vertical bar in the left-hand margin and appear in GEN 0.4, Checklist of AIP Canada Pages.

Part 1 - General (GEN) contains general information about the AIP Canada and Canadian Domestic Airspace (CDA). It has five sections, numbered 0 through 4, and each section is paginated separately: GEN 0 is paginated 0-1 to 0-10, GEN 1 is paginated 1-1 to 1-35, and so on.

Part 2 - Enroute (ENR) contains information required for flight through CDA. It has eight sections, numbered 0 through 7, and each section is paginated separately: ENR 0 is paginated 0-1 to 0-3, ENR 1 is paginated 1-1 to 1-10, and so on. 

Part 3 - Aerodromes (AD) contains information about Canadian aerodromes and heliports. It has four sections, numbered 0 through 3, and each section is paginated separately: AD 0 is paginated 0-1 to 0-3, AD 1 is paginated 1-1 to 1-2, and so on.

Tables and figures are numbered according to the section or subsection in which they appear.

List of changes: Part 1 – GEN: Sections GEN, GEN, GEN, GEN, GEN 3.5.1, GEN 3.5.9; Part 2 – ENR: Section ENR 4.3.3; Part 3 – AD: There are no changes to the Part 3 - AD in the Current Issue.

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NOTAM Series Files

For a description of NOTAM series files, refer to GEN, NOTAMs.

Aerodrome NOTAM Series

Designated Airspace (Class F) NOTAM Series


AIP Canada Supplements (SUPs) are available in one complete file or in separate files for each submission. New SUPs are identified by an asterisk (*). See the Supplement Summary in the Complete version of AIP Supplements for a list of cancelled SUPs.

SUP 9/21Open a new window - Cranes—Within 30 Nautical Miles of Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl Airport (Replaces AIP Supplement 68/20)*

SUP 8/21Open a new window - Cranes—Within 30 Nautical Miles of Vancouver Intl Airport (Replaces AIP Supplement 85/20 and AIP Supplement 4/21)*

SUP 7/21Open a new window - Multiple Cranes—Placentia, Newfoundland (Replaces AIP Supplement 27/20)*

SUP 6/21Open a new window - New Transponder Airspace and Airspace Change—Red Deer, Alberta (Replaces AIC 36/20)*

SUP 5/21Open a new window - Cranes—Within 30 Nautical Miles of Calgary/YYC Calgary Intl Airport (Replaces AIP Supplement 54/20)

SUP 3/21Open a new window - Tower Cranes—Red Deer, Alberta

SUP 2/21Open a new window - Cranes—Within 30 Nautical Miles of Toronto/Lester B. Pearson Intl Airport (Replaces AIP Supplement 84/20)

SUP 1/21Open a new window - Cranes—Oshawa, Ontario 

SUP 86/20Open a new window - New Taxiway at the Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (CYUL) (Replaces AIP Supplement 35/20)

SUP 83/20Open a new window - Multiple Cranes—Kitchener, Ontario 

SUP 82/20Open a new window - Opening of the New Air Traffic Control Tower at Red Deer, Alberta (CYQF) (Replaces AIC 29/20)

SUP 81/20 Open a new window- Rehabilitation Work: Lac-Etchemin, Quebec (CSC5) (Replaces AIP Canada Supplement 63/20)

SUP 80/20Open a new window - Tower Crane—Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 

SUP 79/20Open a new window - Quebec Region—Montreal / St-Hubert Airport (CYHU)—Mobile Cranes—September 2020 to June 2021 

SUP 74/20Open a new window - Crane—Esterhazy, Saskatchewan 

SUP 73/20Open a new window - Multiple Cranes—Kitimat, British Columbia 

SUP 72/20Open a new window - Change to: Class F Advisory Airspace (CYA621) Active Times—Montreal, Quebec (Replaces AIC 24/20)

SUP 71/20Open a new window - Modification of Airspace at: Calgary/YYC Calgary Intl Airport (CYYC)—Calgary, Alberta (Replaces AIC 23/20) 

SUP 66/20Open a new window - Mauricie (Quebec)—Creation of a Common Frequency Area 

SUP 61/20Open a new window - Crane—Barrie, Ontario

SUP 60/20Open a new window - Multiple Cranes—Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta 

SUP 55/20Open a new window - Multiple Cranes—Markham, Ontario 

SUP 52/20Open a new window - Crane—Edmonton, Alberta 

SUP 51/20Open a new window - Mobile Crane—Edmonton, Alberta 

SUP 50/20Open a new window - Multiple Cranes—Winnipeg, Manitoba 

SUP 46/20Open a new window - Multiple Cranes—Swift Current, Saskatchewan 

SUP 41/20Open a new window - Blasting—Baie-Comeau, Quebec 

SUP 23/20Open a new window - Ontario Region—Laser Projection in the Vicinity of Egbert, Ontario—January 31, 2020 to January 31, 2025 (Replaces AIP Supplement 51/14)

SUP 15/20Open a new window - Quebec Region—Restrictions to Airspace Over 10 Provincial Detention Facilities (Replaces AIP Supplement 20/19)

SUP 2/20Open a new window- Multiple Cranes—Kelowna, British Columbia 

SUP 84/19Open a new window - Crane—Barrie, Ontario 

SUP 81/19Open a new window - Blasting—Sacre-Coeur and Bergeronnes, Quebec 

SUP 67/19Open a new window - Crane—Winnipeg, Manitoba 

SUP 59/19Open a new window - Multiple Cranes—Winnipeg, Manitoba

SUP 31/19Open a new window - Multiple Drilling Rigs—Conklin, Alberta

SUP 25/19Open a new window - Multiple Cranes—Scotford, Alberta

SUP 24/19Open a new window - Multiple Drilling Rigs—Conklin, Alberta

SUP 22/19Open a new window - Multiple Drilling Rigs—Conklin, Alberta 

SUP 7/19Open a new window - Quebec Region—Cranes for the Construction of the New Champlain Bridge—December 2018 – June 2019 (Replaces AIP Supplement 4/18)

SUP 26/18Open a new window - Adjustment to the Canada Air Defence Identification Zone (Replaces AIC 2/18)

SUP 24/18Open a new window - Blasting Zone—Bloodvein, Manitoba (Replaces AIP Supplement 37/12)

SUP 11/18Open a new window - Meteorological Tower—Arviat, Nunavut

SUP 37/17Open a new window - Multiple Cranes—Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

SUP 32/17Open a new window - Amendments to: Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) and Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement (CWAS)

SUP 28/17Open a new window - Crane—Edmonton, Alberta (Replaces AIP Supplement 21/17)

SUP 11/17Open a new window - Quebec Region–Mont Sainte-Marguerite, QC Wind Turbine Farm—June 2017 – January 2021 

SUP 5/17Open a new window - Blasting Activity—Mackenzie, British Columbia 

SUP 4/17Open a new window - Blasting Activity—Fort St. John, British Columbia 

SUP 40/16Open a new window - Blasting Activity—Fort St. John, British Columbia

Aeronautical Information Circulars (AICs) are available in one complete file or in separate files for each submission. New AICs are identified by an asterisk (*). See the Aeronautical Information Circular Summary in the Complete version of Aeronautical Information Circulars (AICs) for a list of cancelled AICs.

AIC 7/21Open a new window - Notifications on Overflying Conflict Zones Issued by Transport Canada*

AIC 6/21Open a new window - Expanded COVID-19 Flight Restrictions for Aircraft Carrying Passengers to Canada*

AIC 5/21Open a new window - Requesting Priority Handling for Flights Carrying COVID-19 Vaccines (Replaces AIC 3/21)*

AIC 4/21Open a new window - New Class F Advisory Airspace at Thunder Bay—Thunder Bay, Ontario*

AIC 2/21Open a new window - Stop Bar Procedures

AIC 1/21Open a new window - Changes to the Publication of Heliport Safety Area Surface Types

AIC 37/20Open a new window - Canadian Runway Friction Index Reporting by Runway Thirds: National (Replaces AIC 32/20)

AIC 35/20Open a new window - NAVAID Modernization Program—Phase 5 

AIC 34/20Open a new window - Trial to Remove Flight Planning Requirement of Eastbound North American Routes (NAR) (Replaces AIC 43/19)

AIC 33/20Open a new window - User Information for the Implementation of the Canadian Runway Surface Condition NOTAM Format 12 August 2021

AIC 30/20Open a new window - New Procedures for the Use of a Ground Advisory Frequency at Mirabel (CYMX) Aerodrome (Supersedes AIC 26/18)

AIC 28/20Open a new window - Notice of Amendment to Wake Turbulence Separation Standards on Final Approach at Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport (CYYZ) (Replaces AIC 16/19)

AIC 27/20Open a new window - Airport Reservation Office Process at Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport

AIC 26/20Open a new window - Notice of Mandate to Apply Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Procedures at Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport (Replaces AIC 27/19)

AIC 13/20Open a new window - Notice of Amendment to Runway Selection Criteria at Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport (Replaces AIC 12/19)

AIC 12/20Open a new window - Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications Uplink Message Latency Monitor Function in Gander Oceanic Control Area (Replaces AIC 6/20)

AIC 11/20Open a new window - Visual Approach Expectations (Replaces AIC 29/19) 

AIC 8/20Open a new window - Notice of Trial for Proposed Amended Preferential Runway System at Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport

AIC 1/20Open a new window - Operations Without an Assigned Fixed Speed (OWAFS) in the North Atlantic

AIC 47/19Open a new window - Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) Presentation Update for Private Meteorological Reports and Services Information

AIC 28/18Open a new window - Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International (CYYZ) New Night-Time Approach Procedures 

AIC 19/17Open a new window - Obstacle Clearance