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Canadian Airports Charts

NAV CANADA also publishes the Canadian Airport Charts (airport diagrams) airport diagrams publication. The information in the Canadian Airport Charts provides pictorial displays of Canadian airport manoeuvring areas found in the Canada Air Pilot or the military GPH 200, and may be reproduced for the sole purpose of assisting pilots during aircraft ground movement operations. Up-to-date information on flight planning procedures and airport services, including fuel, lighting and local prohibitions or procedures is found in the Canada Flight Supplement.

The Canadian Airport Charts (airport diagrams) on-line is in PDF format and is free of charge. Access it by clicking on the link below.

Due to the size of this file, it may take several minutes to download. To download the file to your local drive, simply right-click on the link and select “Save Target As…”. In the Save As dialog box, select your desired saving location and click Save on the bottom right. After the download is complete, you will have access to your file locally from your PC from your saved location.


Canadian Airport Charts (airport diagrams)

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