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Message from the President and CEO

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These are all positive signs that we may be coming to the end of the most difficult and challenging period in our 25-year history as the world’s first fully privatized air navigation service provider

It is a time for new beginnings and a focus on the future. And that is exactly what we are doing at NAV CANADA. A major shift is underway at our Company, with our Shared Purpose and Strategic Direction as a blueprint.

Our Strategic Direction paints a picture of how we are reimagining the way we do business. It is purpose-built to take us into the future, with the focus on: modernizing and leveraging new technologies to transform air-traffic management; improving customer service; reducing our industry’s environmental impact; and, above all, increasing safety and efficiency.

At the core of our Strategic Direction are three interconnected initiatives: Airspace Modernization, Trajectory-Based Operations (TBO), and Digital Facilities.

Both Airspace Modernization and TBO will help to move us from a tactical approach to an increased level of strategic air traffic management.

Airspace Modernization will result in the biggest change in our airspace structure in half a century. It will harness revolutionary technologies, such as space-based surveillance and navigation, to provide a unified approach that will optimize air-traffic flow across the country.

TBO provides a full, four-dimensional picture of a flight from take-off to landing, incorporating latitude, longitude, altitude, and time. It offers another quantum leap in our efforts to leverage technology in ways that are transformative and produce major benefits for our customers and to the flying public.

Digital Facilities use advanced camera technology to enable remote provision of air traffic services, allowing us to move beyond traditional line-of-sight. It provides an opportunity to rethink how we deliver service and where we deliver it from, in ways that can provide additional value to customers.

All three of these initiatives were a focus for NAV CANADA in fiscal 2022. Strong initial progress was made on all fronts, and we look forward to advancing further in these areas in the next fiscal year.

The pandemic’s impact on our Company and the launch of our new Strategic Direction were pivotal in our decision to strengthen the focus on our core business: providing safe and efficient air traffic services across Canada and over the North Atlantic.

This decision has led to three significant changes at NAV CANADA in fiscal 2022. First, we decided to sell our 50% shareholding in Searidge Technologies Inc. to NATS, our counterpart in the U.K. In our partnership over the years, Searidge has grown to become a global player in digital tower technology, and we know it will continue to be an industry leader.

Also, after providing maintenance services to airport screening systems across the country for more than 20 years, we decided not to bid on the latest Request for Proposals from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority. This decision was based on the need to focus our technologists’ time and expertise on essential work supporting our core business.

And third, the Company sold its Cornwall-based training and conference centre, the NAV CENTRE. Over the years, the NAV CENTRE has evolved into a successful and truly multifaceted facility, although one that did not fully align with our mandate.

In fiscal 2022, I had the opportunity to travel with a number of my Executive Management Committee colleagues to NAV CANADA sites across the country — the first tour in my role as CEO. I heard many remarkable stories, and was impressed by the resilience of our employees. But it was also clear that the pandemic has taken its toll both professionally and personally.

As CEO, one of my key priorities is to strengthen our culture and build a One Company mindset. This endeavour is all-encompassing. Through values, communication, and enhanced employee experience, we are committed to finding ways to enhance our employee culture and ensure we continue to attract and retain the very best talent.

It is with utmost appreciation and gratitude that I extend my thanks to all NAV CANADA employees for all they have done to maintain our essential services throughout one of the most trying times in our industry’s history. Throughout it all, they have shown nothing less than 100% commitment and dedication. I feel truly honoured to be counted among them.

Raymond Bohn
President and CEO