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Safety Strategy

The air navigation system (ANS) is interactive and complex, operating in a continually changing and dynamic environment. Efforts to modernize the Company to address current and future challenges must keep safety at the core. 

Six Strategic Themes

NAV CANADA will continue to strengthen safety culture by setting expected safety behaviours to guide employees and build an effective feedback loop for learning and sharing information. Ultimately, our people have the curiosity, confidence, and management support to challenge and drive safety improvements.

NAV CANADA will strengthen safety capabilities by providing clarity on and ensuring understanding of the roles and responsibilities required to fulfil safety accountabilities along with the knowledge and skills to do so. The aim is for safety to be universally understood and all employees know the role they play in the SMS and keeping Canada’s skies safe.

NAV CANADA will develop a structured and proactive approach to Human Performance including a holistic human-centred focus to ensure the application of Human Factors in design of programs, projects, systems, tools and products. Our people will work in an environment and with the tools that are designed and implemented to optimize their performance in delivering safe services.

The safety eco-system cannot exist without all the key players at multiple levels working collaboratively together to achieve common safety goals. By working in strong partnership with its internal and external stakeholders, NAV CANADA will improve safety by removing barriers, enabling open communication, and sharing safety information.

There must be trust in management and their commitment to safety. NAV CANADA safety leaders create confidence and provide an environment where people feel empowered and trusted to make decisions to improve safety. Our people care deeply, and demonstrate enthusiasm about the work they do and how it contributes to keeping Canada’s skies safe, inspiring others to do the same.

NAV CANADA evolves the SMS through systems thinking focused on learning from success and failure; fully integrating business, safety and quality processes; and understanding and proactively mitigating safety risks through data-driven analytics, decision support and data management. In support of NAV CANADA’s purpose, the SMS will be best in class, scalable and adaptable to meet the needs of the future.