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Instrument Landing Systems

Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) are designed to provide aircraft with precision final approach guidance, offering a horizontal and vertical flight path to the runway. The ILS navigational equipment at the airport consists of a localizer and a glide path transmitter. A map depicting ILS approaches can be found here and at the link below:

Approach Availability – ILS

ILS operations are assigned a category (CAT I, II or III) based on airport facilities and weather minima such as low cloud ceilings or reduced visibility due to fog, snow or rain. Some air operators may be certified to conduct autoland during ILS CAT III operations, but in order to satisfy maintenance or training requirements, autoland practice may also be required at ILS CAT I or II facilities when the weather conditions are favorable. ILS CAT I and II facilities have signal characteristics that support operations to the applicable minima, but may not guarantee signal characteristics that are required to support practice autoland operations below the published minima. A record of ILS flight check performance can be found here, and at the link below:

ILS Flight Check Performance