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Aeronautical Information Products 

 NAV CANADA produces Aeronautical Information Products used by pilots operating in Canadian airspace. The Company’s inventory includes more than 50 publications and chart titles, with information on more than 1,700 instrument procedures and data for 1,800 airports across Canada.


These products include Aeronautical Charts, Aeronautical Publications, NOTAM, the Canadian NOTAM Procedures Manual, AIP Canada (ICAO), the Designated Airspace Handbook, and others.


Notice to Customers

NAV CANADA will be discontinuing the production and distribution of select Aeronautical Publications in print format.   Customers will be able to purchase the electronic printable versions of these publications on the NAV CANADA e-commerce store​.

Effective the November 5, 2020 cycle, the paper format of the Canada Air Pilot (CAP & CAPGEN)  will no longer be available. The last cycle date to purchase a paper subscription will be October 10, 2019. Single sale purchases of paper publications will be available up to, and including, the September 10, 2020 cycle.

This change will affect the following publications in print format: 

  • Canada Air Pilot (CAP and CAP GEN)
This change is consistent with the requirements set out within the Canadian Aviation Regulations  602.60 1(b) This change also supports NAV CANADA’s strategic objective to provide value to stakeholders through modernization, reducing costs to customers, increasing the availability and accessibility of aeronautical information, and reducing the impact on the environment. 
In addition, NAV CANADA will stop the production of the following information in CD format:
  • Restricted Canada Air Pilot (RCAP)
  • AIP CD 
The content currently found on the RCAP CD will be available for purchase in electronic format on NAV CANADA’s e-commerce store​. The AIP is available for download at no charge.
NAV CANADA will continue to print the Canada Flight Supplement (CFS), the Canda Water Aerodrome Supplement (CWAS) and large format charts (Enroutes, TAC and VFR charts). Customers can purchase printed products from the e-commerce store, or from authorized vendors. See the list found on the Purchase Information page.
If you need assistance please contact AEROPUBS at 1-866-731-7827 or by e-mail at aeropubs@navcanada.ca.

 For additional infomation, please see the FAQ's