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We are Canada’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) managing 3.3 million flights a year for 40,000 customers in over 18 million square kilometres – one of the largest ANSPs by total Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight hours.​

Our airspace stretches from the Pacific West coast to the East coast of Newfoundland and out to the centre of the North Atlantic, the world’s busiest oceanic airspace with some 1,200 flights crossing to and from the European continent daily. It also stretches from the busy U.S-Canada border with major international airports to the North Pole where aircraft fly polar routes to reach Asia.

We are also the world’s first fully privatized civil air navigation service provider, created in 1996 through the combined efforts of commercial air carriers, general aviation, the Government of Canada, as well as our employees and their unions.

Our revenues come from our aviation customers, not government subsidies. By investing in operations and controlling costs, we strive to keep customer charges stable, while improving safety and flight efficiency.

Safety is our first priority. Our safety benchmark of IFR-to-IFR losses of separation has seen a steady reduction since 1996, and our record is now among the best in the world.

Our customers and the service we provide are the focus of our operations. Our efforts are directed to helping them improve their flight efficiency and providing cost effective services. In doing so, we help to reduce the impact of aviation activity on the environment.

We invest in infrastructure, upgrade our systems, and develop our own advanced air traffic management (ATM) technology. Our NAVCANatm line of integrated ATM products, applications and services is sold internationally and deployed at more than 100 sites worldwide.

Recognized for our safety record, technology, sound business practices and community involvement, NAV CANADA is a leader among world air navigation service providers and a proud partner of the global air transportation industry.