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Level of Service

Active Studies

NAV CANADA is conducting aeronautical studies (level of service or airspace reviews) at several locations.

The Terms of Reference for current studies are available below.

Geraldton, Ont. – Aviation Weather Services​
Study in Progress

Sydney, N.S. – Aviation Weather Services ​
Study in Progress

Review of VDF Requirements for the Provision of Navigational Assistance​
Study in Progress

St. John's, N.L. – Primary Surveillance Radar Requirements
Study in Progress

North Bay, Ont. – Primary Surveillance Radar Requirements​
Study in Progress

Regina, Sask. – Primary Surveillance Radar Requirements​​
Study in Progress​

Vancouver Airspace Modernization Project 
Project in Progress

Red Deer Alta. – Transponder Requirement in the Vicinity​
Study in Progress

​Rouyn, Que. – Reduce Hours of FSS
Study in Progress