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Flight Planning

NAV CANADA supports flight planning with aviation weather, aeronautical information, and online flight planning.

Aviation Weather and NOTAMs

Aviation weather information is available from our Aviation Weather Web Site (AWWS) or one of our Flight Information Centres, and certain weather products are also now available in our Collaborative Flight Planning Services (CFPS) tool. 

As of October 10, 2019, NOTAMs are available through CFPS, in the Weather and NOTAM tab. For more information, see Transition to ICAO NOTAM format and new NOTAM Series​.

Effective November 24, 2020, CFPS version 13.1 will be released, containing enhanced features that give users more flexibility and tools​​ to search for weather and NOTAM information. Watch this video​ for an overview of the CFPS interface and a summary of the new features.​

Flight Information Centres provide pilots with interpretive weather briefings, as well as other advisory services, for their planned route.

To contact a Flight Information Centre by phone for a weather briefing or other flight planning services:

Within Canada, call 1-866-WX-BRIEF.

In Canada and the US, call the number for the applicable FIC Pilot Briefing Service region​ listed below.

​Québec FIC ​​​1-866-541-4105
​London FIC ​​​1-866-541-4104
​Winnipeg FIC ​​​1-866-541-4103
​Edmonton FIC ​​​1-866-541-4102
​Kamloops FIC ​​​1-866-541-4101
  • Within the Kamloops FIC Pilot Briefing Service region, flight plans applicable to the Whitehorse FIC Flight Plan Processing region are forwarded to Whitehorse FIC for alerting purposes.

Flight Plans

Pilots can file, amend, delay or cancel flight plans using our on-line Collaborative Flight Planning Services (CFPS) tool. Changes made by customers or air traffic services to a CFPS-filed flight plan are automatically updated on a customer’s account as well as on the NAV CANADA system. This electronic flight plan form reduces the need for manual flight plan verification and automatically flags those that do not meet standard parameters.

The CFPS supports visual flight rules (VFR) flight plans, user updates to VFR flight plans, instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plans and updates to IFR flight plans. 

Other Resources

Pilots can access additional information for their planned route by using the links to NOTAMs, Aeronautical Information (AIP Canada), RCO Maps and announcements. Pilots should also review the most current Aeronautical Publications for up-to-date aerodrome and regional information.  For post flight reports, click here.