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​News Releases 2019

These news releases are accurate at the time of posting but may be superseded by subsequent news releases. Please refer to the most recent news release on the topic.
Media line: 1-888-562-8226​​​ ​

​ ​
​October 24, 2019 ​NAV CANADA announces year-end financial  results​
​​October 22, 2019 NAV ​​CANADA reports September traffic figures
​​​Septemb​er 27, 2019 ​​NAV CANADA informed of appeal, to commence mediation​ 
​September 23, 2019 Aireon, NAV CANADA and NATS Win ATCA​ Annual Industry Award​​
​September 23, 2019 NAV ​​CANADA reports August year-end traffic figures​​​
​August 20, 2019 ​​​NAV ​​CANADA reports July traffic figures
​August 15, 2019 ​​​​NAV CANADA announces changes to customer service charges
​July 22, 2019

​NAV CANADA reports June traffic figures​​

​July 12, 2019

​​NAV CANADA announces third quarter​financial results​​​

​​June 26, 2019

NAV CANADA reports May traffic figures​​

​June 4, 2019

​NAV CANADA releases service charge proposal​

​​​​May 24, 2019

NAV CANADA reports April traffic figures​​

​May 7, 2019

NAV CANADA appoints Mark Cooper as Senior Vice President, ANS Technology​​

​​April 16, 2019​

NAV CANADA reports March traffic figures​

​April 12, 2019

​NAV CANADA announces second quarter financial results​​

​March 29, 2019

NAV CANADA issues General Obligation Note​​s​

​March 19, 2019

​​NAV CANADA ​reports February traffic figures​

​February 26, 2019

​NAV CANADA and Canada Aviation and Space Museum partner to develop next generation of aviation leaders​

​February 22, 2019​

NAV CANADA reports January traffic figures​​

January 29, 2019

​​​NAV CANADA reports December traffic figures​​​​

​January 9, 2019

​​​NAV CANADA announces first quarter financial results​​