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Airport Advisory and Flight Information Services

At some airports with a lower density of traffic, pilots are responsible for maintaining a safe distance from other aircraft and control services are not provided.

Airport advisory services may be provided in these areas from Flight Service Specialists working in our Flight Service Stations. The services they provide include local weather information and airport advisory services (information on traffic in the area, runway conditions, wind and altimeter and other information required by pilots), vehicle control and emergency assistance.

Flight Service Stations extend communications capabilities using remote transmitters/receivers. When a remote communications outlet (RCO) is used to provide airport advisory services at a remote aerodrome it is referred to as a Remote Aerodrome Advisory Service (RAAS).

NAV CANADA also has Flight Information Centres (FIC) in Halifax, Quebec City, London, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Whitehorse and Kamloops. Flight Service Specialists working at our FICs are trained to interpret meteorological information and use this information to provide in-depth interpretive weather briefings and en route advisories to pilots operating anywhere in Canadian airspace. They are also responsible for providing timely reports on missing or overdue flights.

In parts of Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Northern Quebec, services are delivered with the help of Community Aerodrome Radio Stations (CARS), which provide aviation weather and communications services at their local airport.

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