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Part 5 – Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)

Part 5 – Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) is available in one complete file or in separate files for each submission. For a list of substantive changes, see the List of Changes, which contains links to the changes and new documents.

C​​omplete version of Part 5 – Aeronautical Information Circulars (5,134 KB) 


AIC 12/17 Laser Attacks
AIC 11/17 Modification of CYR721—Fredericton / Gagetown, New Brunswick
AIC 9/17 Establishment of Parachute Dropping CYAs—Joliette, Quebec
AIC 8/17 Expansion of CYR602 Valcartier, Quebec
AIC 7/17 Canadian NOTAM Series—International Distribution
AIC 6/17 Removal of Communication Frequencies from Title Panel of En Route Charts
AIC 5/17 Reduction of American Data on En Route Charts
AIC 4/17 Requirement to Maintain Listening Watch and Establish Communication When Using Datalink
AIC 3/17 New Transponder Code for Gliders
AIC 2/17 Standard Instrument Departure and Standard Terminal Arrival Changes
AIC 1/17 Glide Path Fluctuations Caused by Movement of Ground Traffic


AIC 21/16 Notice of Planned Expansion of Mandate for Data Link Services in the North Atlantic Region (Supersedes AIC 4/15)
AIC 20/16 Trial Implementation of 25 Nautical Mile Lateral Separation Minimum in the ICAO North Atlantic Region
AIC 19/16 Aviation Weather Services—Aerodrome Forecasts for Northern Ontario
AIC 17/16 Remote Communications Outlet Transfers from Arctic Radio / North Bay Flight Information Centre
AIC 14/16 Return of Mandatory North American Routes for Westbound Operations
AIC 13/16 Area Navigation as Primary Approach on Automatic Terminal Information Service
AIC 11/16 Depiction of Five-Nautical-Mile Buffers Around Special Use Airspace Contained Within Canadian Flight Information Regions (Supersedes AIC 19/15)
AIC 1/16 Pilot Procedures When Intending to Operate an Aircraft Above 250 Knots Indicated Airspeed Below 10,000 Feet Above Sea Level in Canadian Domestic Airspace


AIC 25/15 Gander Flight Information Region (FIR)/Control Area (CTA) Airspace Design Changes for Reduced Lateral Separation Minimum Implementation
AIC 23/15 Recommended Use of ARINC 424 Identifiers for Half-Degree Waypoints in the Gander Oceanic Control Area
AIC 16/15 Instrument Landing System (ILS) Replacement Program (Replaces AIC 5/14)
AIC 13/15 Inability of Air Traffic Controllers to Issue Clearances (Replaces AIC 26/13)


AIC 40/12 Notice of Mandate for Data Link Services in the North Atlantic Region (Supersedes AIC 24/12)
AIC 39/12 Implementation of a 50 Nautical Mile Lateral Separation Minimum in the Edmonton Flight Information Region/Control Area (Supersedes AIC 11/11)


AIC 22/07 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Advisory


AIC 27/06 Exemption from Subsection 602.34(2) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations