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Part 5 – Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)

Part 5 – Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) is available in one complete file or in separate files for each submission. For a list of substantive changes, see the List of Changes, which contains links to the changes and new documents.

Complete version of Part 5 – Aeronautical Information Circulars (6,359 KB) 


AIC 42/18 Aviation Weather Services—New Aerodrome Forecast—Toronto/Oshawa, Ontario
AIC 40/18 Engine Fan Blade Ice Shedding Procedures—Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport (CYYZ)
AIC 39/18 End of Foreign NOTAM Database at Canadian NOTAM Office (NOF)
AIC 38/18 Further Reduction in Operating Hours of the Toronto-Buttonville Control Tower—Toronto, Ontario
AIC 36/18 Airport Information Publication Enhancements for Obstacle-Free Environment Certification Level
AIC 35/18 Mandatory Frequency Change—Yorkton, Saskatchewan
AIC 34/18 Mandatory Frequency Change—Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan
AIC 33/18 Introduction of Charted Communication Failure Missed Approach Procedures for use During Communication Failure
AIC 32/18 Change of Community Aerodrome Radio Station Hours—Dawson City, Yukon
AIC 31/18 Established on RNP AR (EoR): Implementation at Calgary International Airport (CYYC)
AIC 30/18 Area Navigation as Primary Approach on Automatic Terminal Information Service (Replaces AIC 13/16)
AIC 29/18 Areas with Discrete Air-to-Air Frequencies
AIC 28/18 Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International (CYYZ) New Night-Time Approach Procedures
AIC 27/18 Alternate Aerodrome Weather Minima Requirements: Satellite-Based Approach Credit in Nunavut, Quebec and Labrador
AIC 26/18 New Procedures for the Use of a Ground Advisory Frequency at Mirabel (CYMX) and Red Deer (CYQF) Aerodromes (Supersedes AIC 9/18)
AIC 25/18 Maximum Indicated Airspeeds for Holding Patterns
AIC 24/18 Change in Aviation Observing Weather Program—Windsor, Ontario
AIC 22/18 Notice of Planned Expansion of Satellite Voice Communications Services in Edmonton and Gander Flight Information Regions
AIC 21/18 Decommissioning of the Windsor “YQG” VOR/DME—Windsor, Ontario
AIC 20/18 Reduction in Operating Hours of the Toronto-Buttonville Control Tower—Buttonville, Ontario
AIC 19/18 Decommissioning of the Localizer and Distance Measuring Equipment—Havre St-Pierre, Quebec
AIC 17/18 Instrument Landing System—Replacement Program (Replaces AIC 16/15)
AIC 16/18 Change in Aviation Observing Weather Program—Cartwright, Newfoundland and Labrador
AIC 15/18 Change in Aviation Observing Weather Program—Bathurst, New Brunswick
AIC 14/18 Change in Aviation Observing Weather Program—Estevan, Saskatchewan
AIC 13/18 Decommissioning of the Instrument Landing System (ILS)—Sarnia (Chris Hadfield), Ontario
AIC 12/18 Decommissioning of the ‘JT’ Non-directional Beacon—Stephenville, Newfoundland
AIC 11/18 Aviation Weather Service—The Pas, Manitoba
AIC 10/18 Decommissioning of Yellek (ZYB) Non-directional Beacon (NDB)—North Bay, Ontario
AIC 8/18 Decommissioning of the Sept-Îles (ZV) Non-directional Beacon—Sept-Îles, Quebec
AIC 7/18 Cleveland/Detroit Airspace—Revoke Airways
AIC 5/18 Toronto International Lester B. Pearson Airport—Automatic Terminal Information Service Message Changes
AIC 4/18 Expansion of Restricted Airspace CYR301 Camp Dundurn, Saskatchewan (Replaces AIC 1/18)
AIC 3/18 Area Navigation Instrument Approach Procedure with Turns at the Final Approach Fix


AIC 34/17 Notice of Commencement of Phase 2B of Mandate for Data Link Services in the North Atlantic Region
AIC 29/17 Aircraft Identification and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Flight Identification
AIC 22/17 NOTAM Time Periods Spanning Midnight
AIC 19/17 Obstacle Clearance
AIC 18/17 Tofino/Long Beach Remote Aerodrome—Advisory Service Provision Transfer of Service—Port Hardy Flight Service Station (Replaces AIC 15/17)
AIC 12/17 Laser Attacks
AIC 4/17 Requirement to Maintain Listening Watch and Establish Communication When Using Datalink
AIC 1/17 Glide Path Fluctuations Caused by Movement of Ground Traffic


AIC 14/16 Return of Mandatory North American Routes for Westbound Operations
AIC 11/16 Depiction of Five-Nautical-Mile Buffers Around Special Use Airspace Contained Within Canadian Flight Information Regions (Supersedes AIC 19/15)
AIC 1/16 Pilot Procedures When Intending to Operate an Aircraft Above 250 Knots Indicated Airspeed Below 10,000 Feet Above Sea Level in Canadian Domestic Airspace


AIC 25/15 Gander Flight Information Region (FIR)/Control Area (CTA) Airspace Design Changes for Reduced Lateral Separation Minimum Implementation
AIC 23/15 Recommended Use of ARINC 424 Identifiers for Half-Degree Waypoints in the Gander Oceanic Control Area
AIC 13/15 Inability of Air Traffic Controllers to Issue Clearances (Replaces AIC 26/13)


AIC 40/12 Notice of Mandate for Data Link Services in the North Atlantic Region (Supersedes AIC 24/12)


AIC 27/06 Exemption from Subsection 602.34(2) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations