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Part 4 – AIP Canada (ICAO) Supplements

Part 4 – AIP Canada (ICAO) Supplements (S​UP) is available in one complete file or in separate files for each submission. For a list of substantive changes, see the List of Changes, which contains links to the changes and new documents.

Complete version of Part 4 – AIP Canada (ICAO) Supplements (9,043 KB) 


SUP 4/18 Quebec Region—Cranes for the Construction of the New Champlain Bridge—January 2018 – December 2018 (Replaces AIP Supplement 24/16)
SUP 3/18 Adjustment of the Restricted Airspace CYR538 Rideau Hall, Ottawa, Ontario (Replaces AIC 24/17)
SUP 2/18 Crane—Edmonton, Alberta
SUP 1/18 Five Blasting Areas—Wivenhoe, Manitoba (Replaces AIP Supplement 4/16)


SUP 49/17 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 48/17 Multiple Cranes—Dieppe, New Brunswick
SUP 47/17 Multiple Cranes—Swift Current, Saskatchewan (Replaces AIP Supplement 39/17)
SUP 45/17 Enabling New Runway End Safety Area and Taxiway Structure at Vancouver International (CYVR)
SUP 44/17 Crane—Victoria British Columbia
SUP 43/17 Adjustments to Southern Boundary of CYA188 (A)(T)—Glen Valley, British Columbia
SUP 42/17 Crane—Toronto, Ontario (Replaces AIP Supplement 33/17)
SUP 41/17 Quebec Region—Montréal/St-Hubert Airport (CYHU) Construction Work—15 May 2017 to 15 November 2017 (Replaces AIP Supplement 6/17)
SUP 40/17 Tower Crane—Edmonton, Alberta (Replaces AIP Supplement 36/16)
SUP 38/17 Tower Crane—Regina, Saskatchewan
SUP 37/17 Multiple Cranes—Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
SUP 36/17 Crane—Calgary, Alberta
SUP 35/17 Tower Crane—Waterloo, Ontario
SUP 34/17 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 32/17 Amendments to: Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) and Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement (CWAS)
SUP 31/17 Multiple Cranes—Bolton, Ontario
SUP 29/17 Two Cranes—St. John’s, Newfoundland
SUP 28/17 Crane—Edmonton, Alberta (Replaces AIP Supplement 21/17)
SUP 27/17 Tower Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 26/17 Climbing Crane—Markham, Ontario
SUP 25/17 Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 24/17 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 23/17 Construction Work at Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)—Summer 2017
SUP 18/17 Construction Work—Québec/Jean-Lesage International Airport (CYQB)—Summer 2017 (Replaces AIP Supplement 8/17)
SUP 17/17 Flight Operations – Forest Spraying—Lac Saint-Jean, North Shore and Lower St. Lawrence
SUP 14/17 Multiple Cranes—Richmond, British Columbia
SUP 13/17 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 12/17 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 11/17 Quebec Region–Mont Sainte-Marguerite, QC Wind Turbine Farm—June 2017 – January 2021
SUP 9/17 Modification of CYA304(M)—Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (Replaces AIC 10/17)
SUP 5/17 Blasting Activity—Mackenzie, British Columbia
SUP 4/17 Blasting Activity—Fort St. John, British Columbia
SUP 3/17 Luffing Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 2/17 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 1/17 Crane—Toronto, Ontario


SUP 41/16 Tower Crane—London, Ontario
SUP 40/16 Blasting Activity—Fort St. John, British Columbia
SUP 32/16 Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 31/16 Mobile Crane—Calgary, Alberta
SUP 28/16 Tower Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 27/16 Tower Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 26/16 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 25/16 Tower Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 23/16 Quebec Region—Montréal/Mirabel Intl Airport (CYMX)—Bombardier Aerospace C Series Aircraft Certification Program—June 2016–June 2017
SUP 18/16 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 15/16 Quebec Region—Technocentre éolien Wind Turbine Farm—Rivière-au-Renard, QC—March 2016–December 2018
SUP 10/16 Tower Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 7/16 Tower Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 5/16 Tower Crane—Ottawa, Ontario


SUP 43/15 Quebec Region—Construction of a Wind Turbine Farm (Belle-Rivière)—St-Gédéon (Lac St-Jean), Quebec—Spring to Fall 2016
SUP 38/15 Mobile Crane—Redwater, Alberta
SUP 17/15 Crane—Calgary, Alberta
SUP 3/15 Crane—Toronto, Ontario (Replace AIP Supplement 67/14)


SUP 71/14 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 51/14 Ontario Region—Laser Projection in the Vicinity of Egbert, Ontario—May 31, 2014 to May 31, 2019 (Replaces AIP Supplement 25/09)


SUP 37/12 Blasting Zone—Bloodvein, Manitoba