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List of Changes

This page lists the substantive changes that have been made to the current issue of AIP Canada (ICAO), and the Supplements and Circulars that are new to this issue. Substantive changes to the document are clearly marked with a black vertical bar in the left-hand margin. In the table, the information on location or number is hyperlinked to the changes or the new Supplements and Circulars.
Changes to Current Issue (19 July 2018)
Location or Number Explanation of Changes
Part 1 – GEN, GEN 0.6 Table of Contents to Part 1 (GEN)
Part 1 – GEN Changes Section GEN
Part 1 – GEN Changes Section GEN 3.5.1
Part 1 – GEN Changes Section GEN 3.5.9
Part 2 – ENR, ENR 0.6 Table of Contents to Part 2 (ENR)
Part 2 – ENR Changes Section ENR 1.5.2
Part 2 – ENR Changes Section ENR 1.9
SUP 22/18 Cancelled
SUP 39/18 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 40/18 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 41/18 Fireworks–Summer 2018
SUP 42/18 Ontario Region—High-Altitude Research Balloon Flights—Victor M. Power Airport (CYTS), Timmins—August 5 to 30, 2018
SUP 52/18 GPS Signal Interference—Ontario
AIC 13/18 Decommissioning of the Instrument Landing System (ILS)—Sarnia (Chris Hadfield), Ontario
AIC 14/18 Change in Aviation Observing Weather Program—Estevan, Saskatchewan
AIC 15/18 Change in Aviation Observing Weather Program—Bathurst, New Brunswick
AIC 16/18 Change in Aviation Observing Weather Program—Cartwright, Newfoundland and Labrador
AIC 17/18 Instrument Landing System—Replacement Program (Replaces AIC 16/15)
AIC 18/18 Guidance for Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) Procedures
AIC 19/18 Decommissioning of the Localizer and Distance Measuring Equipment—Havre St-Pierre, Quebec
AIC 20/18 Reduction in Operating Hours of the Toronto-Buttonville Control Tower—Buttonville, Ontario
AIC 21/18 Decommissioning of the Windsor “YQG” VOR/DME—Windsor, Ontario


AIP Supplements and AICs for Interim Release (16 August 2018)
Location or Number Explanation of Changes
SUP 52/18 Cancelled
SUP 43/18 Multiple Cranes—Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
SUP 44/18 Rehabilitation Work: Lac-Etchemin, Quebec (CSC5)
SUP 45/18 Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 46/18 New Visual Flight Rules Procedures for Arrivals and Departures at the Montreal/St-Hubert Airport (CYHU)
SUP 47/18 Quebec Region— Festival Western de Saint-Tite—September 5–18, 2018
AIC 9/18 Cancelled
AIC 22/18 Notice of Planned Expansion of Satellite Voice Communications Services in Edmonton and Gander Flight Information Regions
AIC 23/18 Buttonville Control Zone and Toronto Terminal Control Area Changes—Toronto, Ontario
AIC 26/18 New Procedures for the Use of a Ground Advisory Frequency at Mirabel (CYMX) and Red Deer (CYQF) Aerodromes (Supersedes AIC 9/18)