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List of Changes

This page lists the substantive changes that have been made to the current issue of AIP Canada (ICAO), and the Supplements and Circulars that are new to this issue. Substantive changes to the document are clearly marked with a black vertical bar in the left-hand margin. In the table, the information on location or number is hyperlinked to the changes or the new Supplements and Circulars.
C​​hanges to Current Issue (05 January 2017)
Location or Number Explanation of Changes
Part 1 – GEN, GEN 0.6 Table of Contents to Part 1 (GEN)
Part 1 – GEN Changes Section GEN 1.7, Annex 3
Part 1 – GEN Changes Section GEN
Part 1 – GEN Changes Section GEN 3.6.1
SUP 2/16 Cancelled
SUP 1/17 Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 2/17 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
AIC 1/17 Glide Path Fluctuations Caused by Movement of Ground Traffic
AIC 2/17 Standard Instrument Departure and Standard Terminal Arrival Changes


​AIP Supplements and AICs for Interim Release (02 February 2017)
Location or Number Explanation of Changes
SUP 13/15,   SUP 9/16,   SUP 35/16,   and   SUP 38/16 Cancelled
SUP 3/17 Luffing Crane—Toronto, Ontario
AIC 16/16,   and   AIC 18/16 Cancelled
AIC 3/17 New Transponder Code for Gliders
AIC 4/17 Requirement to Maintain Listening Watch and Establish Communication When Using Datalink