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List of Changes

This page lists the substantive changes that have been made to the current issue of AIP Canada (ICAO), and the Supplements and Circulars that are new to this issue. Substantive changes to the document are clearly marked with a black vertical bar in the left-hand margin. In the table, the information on location or number is hyperlinked to the changes or the new Supplements and Circulars.
Changes to Current Issue (13 September 2018)
Location or Number Explanation of Changes
Part 1 – GEN, GEN 0.6 Table of Contents to Part 1 (GEN)
Part 1 – GEN Changes Section GEN
Part 3 – AD, AD 0.6 Table of Contents to Part 3 (AD)
Part 3 – AD Changes Section AD 2.22.1
Part 3 – AD Changes Section AD 3.21.1
SUP 71/14 Cancelled
SUP 48/18 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 49/18 Mobile Crane—Conklin, Alberta
SUP 50/18 Buttonville Control Zone and Toronto Terminal Control Area Changes—Toronto, Ontario (Replaces AIC 23/18)
SUP 51/18 VFR Route Change—Rogers Pass, British Columbia
AIC 16/15,   AIC 31/17,   and AIC 23/18 Cancelled
AIC 24/18 Change in Aviation Observing Weather Program—Windsor, Ontario
AIC 25/18 Maximum Indicated Airspeeds for Holding Patterns


AIP Supplements and AICs for Interim Release (11 October 2018)
Location or Number Explanation of Changes
SUP 14/18 Cancelled
SUP 53/18 Tower Crane—Toronto/Oshawa, Ontario
SUP 54/18 Multiple Cranes—Surrey, British Columbia
SUP 55/18 Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 56/18 Multiple Cranes—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 57/18 Mobile Crane—Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
SUP 58/18 Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 59/18 Crane —Toronto, Ontario
SUP 60/18 Crane—Vancouver, British Columbia
SUP 61/18 Crane—Calgary, Alberta
AIC 13/16,   and   AIC 32/17 Cancelled
AIC 27/18 Alternate Aerodrome Weather Minima Requirements: Satellite-Based Approach Credit in Nunavut, Quebec and Labrador
AIC 28/18 Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International (CYYZ) New Night-Time Approach Procedures
AIC 29/18 Areas with Discrete Air-to-Air Frequencies
AIC 30/18 Area Navigation as Primary Approach on Automatic Terminal Information Service (Replaces AIC 13/16)
AIC 31/18 Established on RNP AR (EoR): Implementation at Calgary International Airport (CYYC)
AIC 32/18 Change of Community Aerodrome Radio Station Hours—Dawson City, Yukon