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List of Changes

This page lists the substantive changes that have been made to the current issue of AIP Canada (ICAO), and the Supplements and Circulars that are new to this issue. Substantive changes to the document are clearly marked with a black vertical bar in the left-hand margin. In the table, the information on location or number is hyperlinked to the changes or the new Supplements and Circulars.
Changes to Current Issue (10 October 2019)
Location or Number Explanation of Changes
Part 1 – GEN, GEN 0.6 Table of Contents to Part 1 (GEN)
Part 1 – GEN Changes Section GEN 3.1.3
Part 1 – GEN Changes Section GEN
Part 2 – ENR, ENR 0.6 Table of Contents to Part 2 (ENR)
Part 2 – ENR Changes Section ENR 1.14.2
SUP 75/19 New Transition Area Airspace—Kamloops, British Columbia (Replaces AIC 35/19)
SUP 77/19 Tower Crane—Toronto, Ontario
SUP 78/19 Tower Crane—Burnaby, British Columbia
SUP 79/19 Crane—Vancouver, British Columbia
SUP 80/19 Terminal 1 East Apron Expansion—Toronto International Airport (CYYZ)
AIC 17/18,   AIC 33/19,   and   AIC 35/19 Cancelled
AIC 38/19 BOBTU Waypoint Flight Planning Restrictions
AIC 39/19 NAVAID Modernization Plan—Kasabonika (YAQ) NDB


AIP Supplements and AICs for Interim Release (07 November 2019)
Location or Number Explanation of Changes
SUP 81/19 Blasting—Sacre-Coeur and Bergeronnes, Quebec
AIC 21/18 Cancelled
AIC 40/19 Introduction by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) of a Global Space Weather Information Service for Civil Aviation
AIC 41/19 Runway Determination at Flight Service Stations
AIC 42/19 Use of Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) Vertical Clearance Messages in the Edmonton Flight Information Region