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Performance-based Navigation

Air navigation is increasingly moving from traditional navigation using ground-based sensors to performance-based navigation (PBN). This involves transitioning to area navigation by implementing navigation specifications and encompasses both Area Navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigation Performance (RNP).

PBN specifies that aircraft navigation performance requirements are defined in terms of accuracy, integrity, availability, continuity and functionality, which are needed for proposed operations in a particular airspace.

PBN also provides a list of navigation specifications that apply to one or more types of airspace (terminal, en-route, and remote/oceanic) and is one of several enablers (surveillance, communications and air traffic management) of an airspace concept.

Transport Canada has published a PBN State Plan to assist the Canadian aviation community in the transition to RNAV and RNP concepts and to help plan future transition and investment strategies.  The plan is accessible here, as well as from the link below.

NAV CANADA has published a PBN Operations Plan, developed collaboratively with our customers in recognition of the shared role, responsibility and benefits that PBN represents, to identify our priorities and future opportunities. The plan is accessible here​, as well as from the link below.

As with all changes to the air navigation system, PBN will be implemented, where feasible, based on a positive business case.                                

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