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Land Use Program

Aviation safety may preclude certain land uses near airports or air navigation installations, regardless of whether other permits have been obtained.

NAV CANADA must assess and approve all proposals for land use near airports and air navigation infrastructure before construction begins to ensure that air navigation system safety and efficiency are not compromised by proposed land development.

These proposals must be submitted to NAV CANADA using the Land Use Submission Form.

Details required

Details needed to assess a planned structure’s possible effects on the ANS are often missing from conceptual area plans or land-development notices. Providing needed information early may help to reduce the impact on costs and schedules.

We recommend consulting Transport Canada’s Land Use in the Vicinity of Airports (TP1247) and ICAO’s European Guidance Material on Managing Building Restricted Areas (EUR DOC 15) when planning these projects.

For more information, see Proposal Submission Procedures.

Note that NAV CANADA’s land use assessment assesses the impact of a proposed physical structure as it may relate to the air navigation system. This assessment does not affect or replace approvals or permits required by Transport Canada or any other federal government department or agency; provincial or municipal land-use authorities; or any other agency. 

NAV CANADA is performing a record review of historic land use submissions that are not compliant to our current standards.  A third-party provider, @liveconx may contact individual structure owners / operators to collect and re-evaluate information regarding structures.


Send completed Land Use Proposal Submission Forms by email to landuse@navcanada.ca.

For information about land use proposals, contact:

AIS Data Collection Unit and Land Use Office
1601 Tom Roberts Road
P.O. Box 9824, Station T
Ottawa, ON K1G 6R2

Tel: (866) 577-0247                            
Fax: (613) 248-4094

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