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Aeronautical Information Products 

NAV CANADA produces Aeronautical Information Products used by pilots operating in Canadian airspace. The Company’s inventory includes more than 50 publications and chart titles, with information on more than 1,700 instrument procedures and data for 1,800 airports across Canada.

These products include Aeronautical Charts, Aeronautical Publications, NOTAM, the Canadian NOTAM Procedures Manual, AIP Canada (ICAO), the Designated Airspace Handbook, and others.

Customers may order Aeronautical Information Products from our Online Store or by calling AEROPUBS at 1-866-731-7827.

Available in downloadable PDF format from the Online Store are the seven volumes of the Canada Air Pilot (CAP), the Restricted Canada Air Pilot (RCAP) and the Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement (CWAS). Customers may purchase and download these products, then print the pages they need. These products are official aeronautical publications, suitable for air navigation.

Printed and CD versions of other Aeronautical Information Products may be ordered from the Online Store. Also available online at no charge are the Canada Air Pilot General pages and a Change Page showing the aeronautical changes made from one publication cycle to the next.