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Business Travel Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

If you are an active employee under age 75, live in Canada and lose your life while travelling on NAV CANADA business your beneficiary would receive the following benefit:

Active Employee
4 times adjusted insurable earnings (to a maximum of $500,000)

If your spouse, under age 75, or one of your dependent children loses their life in a covered accident during a relocation or related house-hunting trip, you would receive the following benefit:

​Spouse ​$100,000
​Child ​$10,000

The plan also pays the following additional benefits:

In case of death more than 150 kilometers from your permanent residence, no more than 365 days after the accident, the plan pays for preparing the deceased for burial and shipment the city of residence of the deceased, to a maximum of $10,000.
If the body of an insured person has not been found within one year of the disappearance, stranding, sinking or wrecking of the aircraft in which they were riding at the time of the accident, the plan pays benefits for loss of life.

A percentage of this coverage amount is payable for certain serious injuries. Please see the Illness/Injury section for further details.
Published on February 12, 2016