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Level of Service

NAV CANADA provides safe, efficient and cost-effective air navigation services. The Company regularly evaluates its services and determines how best to meet changing industry needs while maintaining a high level of safety and a consistent level of service across Canada.

NAV CANADA’s Level of Service Policy describes the requirements for the provision of air navigation services in Canada and in international airspace assigned to Canadian control. Periodic internal reviews examine operational and safety issues and customer needs to determine whether a formal change proposal is required. An Aeronautical Study is initiated when an internal review indicates that a change in the level of service may be appropriate.

Aeronautical Studies

Aeronautical Studies evaluate changes to the Air Navigation System (ANS) including the following:

  • changes to air traffic services
  • changes to airspace classification and design, and
  • the introduction or termination of a service.

Aeronautical Studies consider all relevant factors. These include traffic volume, mix and distribution throughout the day; weather; airport role; airport and airspace configuration; surface activity; and the efficiency requirements of operators using the service. Formal consultation with stakeholders is central to all Aeronautical Studies.