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Aeronautical Information Submissions 

Better aeronautical information is essential to a safe, integrated and interoperable air traffic management system. As part of the global transition to more immediate and accessible data-centered Aeronautical Information Management (AIM).

NAV CANADA currently has two main mechanisms for Aeronautical Information Submissions, the on-line Accountable Source System (ACS) and the AIM Change Request Submission (AIMCRS) through the Connexion web portal.
Accountable Source System
Official reporting authorities can use the web-based tools found on the ACS website to update aeronautical information, or the status of installations. Currently, SNOWiz will be the initial active feature on the website. Other features will follow as they are developed.

Reporting authorities can upload Aircraft Movement Surface Condition Reports (AMSCR) directly to the NAV CANADA system using our own web application, SNOWiz. This current information becomes immediately available to customers on the Aviation Weather Web Site and Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN) as a NOTAMJ. Authorities having an automated reporting system may benefit from the direct web service which links their system directly with the NAV CANADA system, streamlining reporting.

Reporting authorities may sign a service level agreement with NAV CANADA to obtain a login code for SNOWiz by sending an email to service@navcanada.ca.  

Aeronautical Information Management Change Request Submissions (AIMCRS)

The purpose of the AIMCRS is to allow airports, customers and NAV CANADA to submit changes and requests to the Aeronautical Information Management group in order to update a current publication or create new information for a publication. For example, if a new instrument procedure is requested at an airport supported by NAV CANADA, the sponsor would submit the request through AIMCRS.

AIMCRS requires membership, therefore, to gain access please send an email to service@navcanada.ca and a NAV CANADA staff will contact you with access instructions.

For additional information on applicable supported service for Canadian Aerodromes, please consult the Level of Service Policy and the External Design Organization IP Submission Manual.​