What Sets Us Apart

Few careers expose you to an industry as interesting and fast-paced as the aviation industry – and even fewer give you the opportunity to work for a company where safety is the number one priority.


At NAV CANADA, we embrace a culture of innovation, collaboration and excellence in everything that we do. This has helped us break new ground as an Air Navigation Service Provider, and has set us apart as an award winning company for safety, service and innovation.


Do exciting work that makes a difference.


We’re the real-life air traffic controllers, engineers, technologists, software developers and information managers who harness the latest technology to keep millions of air travelers safe, pioneering game-changing solutions for the global aviation industry.

You can join us on the ground, or at 250 feet in the sky, guiding millions of aircraft safely through Canada’s airspace each year. You can develop some of the most advanced technology used by air traffic controllers globally. You can see remote and breathtakingly beautiful parts of Canada, as you maintain critical navigation equipment. Whatever the role, providing safe air navigation services is what we strive for together as a company.

Want to have a hand in shaping the future of air traffic surveillance? We are a founding partner of Aireon, which will be the first system of its kind to deliver space-based global air traffic surveillance through a network of satellites, revolutionizing air traffic control as we know it today.​​​


Be part of a high achieving team.

It takes a special kind of person to work at NAV CANADA. High-achieving. Focused. Dedicated. You’ll work with professionals at the top of their game because you’re one of them. We are a team who supports and encourages each other. In every department we work together, volunteer together and appreciate each other. Collaboration is the key to our success in keeping aircraft flying safely, in developing world leading air traffic management technology and in improving system efficiency.

We employ the brightest and the best, and we nurture a culture of collective excellence that can only come from world-class teamwork. No matter what role you play, there’s an understanding that it’s an important one. We never lose sight of the bigger picture of keeping Canada’s skies safe, but our daily focus is on working together to achieve our goals, celebrate our success and pioneer revolutionary change.


Rewarding work that gives back.

There’s a reason why so many of our employees build long-term careers with NAV CANADA, and while it begins with the satisfaction found in the extraordinary work we do, there is more.

We believe in investing in our people, teams, environment and communities. That’s why we offer benefits you won’t find anywhere else, including top-notch training programs and the opportunity to do meaningful work that not only matters to all Canadians, but to people around the world.

When you’re part of our team, you can count on competitive compensation, benefits and pension packages, plus a range of professional development and wellness programs designed to support you at every stage of your career.

And while you break new ground in your work, you’ll be empowered to give back too. Our commitment to our communities and sustainability, and generosity to those in need, have supported flights to transport disadvantaged Canadians to medical appointments, helped further cancer research and contributed to reducing our environmental footprint within the aviation industry.