Technical Operations


From the biggest cities to some of the most remote places in Canada, our air navigation technologists support and maintain equipment and infrastructure critical to operating a safe and efficient Air Navigation System.



Technical Operations

Career Specializations

These are the teams who are responsible for the maintenance of all NAV CANADA air traffic service facilities, as well as navigational aids located in all regions of the country.

Air Traffic Management (ATM)

Our Technical Operations Air Traffic Management (ATM) team works with communications equipment, RADAR displays, flight planning and tracking equipment and other critical safety and performance tools in our facilities. These mission-critical systems require expert knowledge of communications systems, server hardware, operating systems and local/wide area networking, plus intra-system connectivity. You’ll find most of our ATM Technologists working in Area Control Centres located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton and Gander.




Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS)

The Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) team provides regular maintenance, software upgrades and service restoration to equipment at our airports and remote locations across the country. CNS Technologists are trained in specialty communications, navigation and surveillance hardware, operating systems and network communications. They are based out of maintenance centres across the country, and they often travel to remote locations that most Canadians don’t get to see to maintain our navigational aids.



Few careers in electronics technology expose you to an industry as interesting and fast-paced as the aviation industry. You’ll be joining a team that holds itself to a high standard and takes pride in its contribution to keeping aircraft moving safely, and on time. You’ll also be part of a team that cares about giving back, whether it is volunteering for community organizations or fundraising for important causes.

If you’re motivated, energized by learning, and want to be part of a high-achieving team, consider a career as an Electronics Technologist at NAV CANADA.