Operational Support

These professionals support our customers and operational employees, providing data and information, offering safety oversight, collaborating with customers and keeping our skills sharp.

Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)

AIM is all about data. Through the collection and management of aeronautical information, our team builds and maintains high quality maps and charts that are used by the aviation community to support their operations. Our work is critical because our data feeds into, and is used by, multiple areas of operation within our company.


Construction and Facilities Services

Construction and Facilities Services oversees the design, construction and management for our mechanical, civil and electrical infrastructures. Our Construction team manages projects at our facilities and communication, navigation and surveillance sites; Facilities Services implements maintenance programs and ensures compliance to code and regulatory requirements, and Facilities Engineering is responsible for infrastructure, ensuring equipment reliability, energy efficiency and environmental performance.

Customer and Commercial Services

Customer and Commercial Services is responsible for developing collaborative relationships with NAV CANADA’s key stakeholders and airline customers and managing commercial opportunities, generating revenue that helps to keep customer-service charges low and competitive. Our activities include a customer contact centre, commercial services, AeroPub sales, an international training program and a training and conference centre.


Flight Operations

Flight Operations conducts the airborne inspection and validation of all instrument flight procedures and CNS-ATM equipment used by NAV CANADA and air operators throughout Canada. Our flight crews and technicians also serve as subject matter experts on various teams and committees, both internal and external to NAV CANADA.

Operational Analysis

Operational Analysis (OA) provides safety risk management and air traffic service delivery analytics that support decision-making to the groups responsible for air traffic services at NAV CANADA, and to outside stakeholders. We also support major investment decisions like space-based ADS-B and our business case analyses. Our work is challenging, complex, analytical and statistical in nature.

Operational Training

The Operational Training team develops training for the company’s air traffic controllers, flight service specialists and other operational employees and promotes a coaching culture that focuses on competency and engagement. We coordinate recruitment activities, develop competencies for qualification and provide continuous learning throughout the careers of our operational employees.

Safety and Quality

Our teams provide oversight, guidance and support on areas of safety and quality management, risk management, safety and quality assurance and performance. The team’s scope includes: Safety Management and Human Factors, Audits and Investigations, Safety Awareness, and reporting.

"Every day, I come to work knowing my purpose: to support any Canadian travelling by air for fun, family, and business needs."

Amanda, Manager, Data Collection