Information Management


Our Information Management group is a progressive, people-oriented team that is passionate about using modern technologies to solve complex business problems.
We provide technology services to support the company’s business and operational objectives, and we use a broad range of modern and innovative enterprise solutions to support improved efficiency, enhance cyber security and create a rich business environment.
A continuous learning culture is at the core of our training program, which offers a wide range of internal and external training solutions to introduce new skills and maintain existing competencies.
Our teams are keen to implement important new systems, knowing they can make fundamental changes to our business operations.
We have employees working on significant transformation programs for our business systems that will allow us to improve efficiency and leverage analytics to continue to improve our performance. Other specialists help develop modern tools, applications and solutions that allow employees to work and collaborate more productively, and that improve the efficiency of core processes and the quality of data.  And, of course, we have a dedicated cyber security group that is committed to enhancing security to meet the new demands and risks that come with cloud computing.
While our focus is solutions that make a difference, we make sure our calendars include social and charitable activities that promote team collaboration while giving back to the community that we work and live in.

Our employees are professionals that perform a range of functions that include:  Application Developers, Business and Service Desk Analysts, Project Managers, BI / Analytics, Infrastructure and Security Specialists, Systems and Database Administrators and Resource Managers.
If you’re interested in a people-oriented culture, working with modern technology and joining a collaborative team, apply today for a career in Information Management. We are always seeking positive and energetic people who are passionate about using modern technologies to solve complex business problems.
“The work environment in Information Management is exciting. It’s great to work with
supportive and fun people, which makes coming to work a privilege.”

Frances, Business Analyst