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​​​ Space-based ADS-B Performance Requirements and Mandate

An aviation industry milestone was reached in March 2019 with the launch of space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (space-based ADS-B), ground-breaking technology that provides 100 percent world-wide surveillance coverage.

In Canada, space-based ADS-B is expanding surveillance to remote areas previously not covered by surveillance and provides greater situational awareness for air traffic controllers and safety and efficiency benefits for pilots. Benefits include:

  • increased situational awareness through improved accuracy of aircraft position and trajectory
  • earlier warnings and alerts of unexpected aircraft deviations
  • improved emergency response for tracking and locating aircraft in distress

Minimum space-based ADS-B performance requirements

The ADS-B Out avionics performance standards required to take advantage of space-based ADS-B separation standards are DO 260, 260A, or 260B or equivalent including antennae able to broadcast out toward space-based ADS-B receivers.

This type of equipage - an antenna that emits the signal toward the satellites - is required for space-based ADS-B receivers to acquire a reliable signal. ADS-B Out transponder solutions that meet NAV CANADA's performance requirements currently available on the market include antenna diversity.


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