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Fraud Alert

Don’t be a victim of fraud

Some customers have been targeted by people fraudulently requesting payment for NAV CANADA services.

Suspect fraud if:

  • You receive an invoice or other document demanding payment with telephone numbers, email addresses, and bank accounts different from those in previous NAV CANADA documents of the same type.

  • You receive a document that differs in appearance or content from previous NAV CANADA documents of the same type, for example with a different layout or little or no billing detail.

  • You receive any communication from someone demanding payment when you believe your account is current.

Legitimate NAV CANADA invoices, statements of account, and dunning letters include details of the bank accounts to which you should make payment. Do not under any circumstances make a payment on your NAV CANADA bill using any bank account other than those printed on legitimate NAV CANADA documents.

If you are concerned that you may have received a fraudulent communication regarding our customer service charges, contact us at either of these telephone numbers:

Accounts Receivable: 1-800-209-0864

Customer Service: 1-800-876-4693

NAV CANADA rarely changes telephone numbers or bank account information. In the event of a legitimate change, we will provide advance notice.