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Safety Initiatives


Safety is our first priority and part of everything we do. Our excellent safety record is the product of our robust safety management system and strong organization-wide safety culture, which starts with each employee and extends throughout the Company. To support that effort, we collaborate with customers and other aviation stakeholders on initiatives to improve aviation safety in Canada.

Effective ATS-Pilot Communications

We formed the Air Traffic Services-Pilot Communications Working Group with customers and stakeholders to improve ATS-pilot communications.

Runway Safety

We work with our aviation partners to improve runway safety and prevent runway incursions.

Smart Pilot

SmartPilot.ca is a website developed by the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) to enhance flight safety in Canada. The website includes a feature called Ask ATS developed in cooperation with NAV CANADA to provide answers to common pilot questions.

Corporate Safety Plan and Report

The Corporate Safety Plan is our annual plan for strengthening safety management across the air navigation service.

Canadian Aviation Safety Officer Partnership​

The CASOP partnership is comprised of over 200 members from the aviation community, including NAV CANADA. This network of safety professionals from across Canada meet bi-annually to discuss safety issues, share best practices and develop relationships to proactively manage safety risks in the aviation industry. CASOP membership is open to representatives such as Canadian air operators, airport operators, airlines, the Department of National Defence (DND), manufacturers and educational institutions.​