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Runway Incursions

ICAO defines a runway incursion as “any occurrence at an aerodrome involving the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle, or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing and take-off of aircraft.”

Runway incursions are rare in Canada. With some five and a half million movements per year at airports with NAV CANADA control or advisory services, the number of runway incursions is about 350, a fraction of one per cent or about 1 in 16,000 movements.

As chair and founding member of the Runway Safety and Incursion Prevention Panel (RSIPP), NAV CANADA has undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce the risk of runway incursions.

Runway incursions are classified by the severity of the outcome, a system based on the classification method described in ICAO’s Manual on the Prevention of Runway Incursions (ICAO Doc 9870).