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Runway Excursions              

Worldwide, runway excursions are the highest single occurrence category of all accidents for commercial and general aviation. Although some do not result in significant damage or injuries, others are more serious and have caused fatalities.

Categories of runway excursions are:

  • Overrun on Take Off: a departing aircraft fails to become airborne or successfully rejects take off before reaching the end of the runway.
  • Overrun on Landing: a landing aircraft is unable to stop before reaching the end of the runway.
  • Directional Control or Veer Off: an aircraft departs the side of the runway when taking off, rejecting take off, or landing.
  • Undershoot on Landing: a landing aircraft touches down in the undershoot area of the designated landing runway within the aerodrome perimeter.

Excursions from taxiways and ramps are not included.

Runway Excursion Information Campaign

The Runway Safety and Incursion Prevention Panel initiated a campaign in 2010-2011 to raise awareness of runway excursions. The first activity was a presentation on runway excursions at SWIFT (Summer Winter Integrated Field Technologies) in 2010.

The panel agreed to create a runway excursion database; to report statistics on runway excursions; to continue its awareness program for aviation stakeholders; and to share industry best-practices to reduce the risk of runway excursions.

Runway Excursions 2011 Presentation