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Operational Initiatives



Transition to ICAO NOTAM Format and New NOTAM Series​

In the fall of 2019, NAV CANADA will transition to the ICAO NOTAM format. As a result, NAV CANADA will distribute all Canadian domestic NOTAMs using this format and international NOTAMs under new NOTAM Series.

NAVAIDs Modernization Projec​t (NMP)​ ​

NAV CANADA has initiated a multi-year project to define a reduced network of ground-based NAVAIDs across the country, supporting the transition to a more efficient and cost-effective PBN-based air navigation service for our customers.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast

Using ADS-B, we have extended our air traffic surveillance to cover 4 million square kilometres of airspace, including 1.3 million square kilometers in the North Atlantic. NAV CANADA has entered into a joint venture with Iridium Communications, called Aireon, which is expanding ADS-B coverage to the entire globe, via low earth orbiting satellites.

Performance-Based Navigation

With Performance-Based Navigation (PBN), we are using advanced onboard technologies to improve flight efficiency.


Oceanic Operations

We are making changes to operations in the North Atlantic, the busiest oceanic airspace in the world.


ICAO Compliant Canadian AIRMET/SIGMET

In the fall of 2013 Canada will be converting to an ICAO-compliant significant meteorological information (SIGMET) and aviation weather advisory (AIRMET) bulletin format.  


Multilateration – Surface Detection

Multilateration (MLAT), which uses existing transponder technology to improve situational awareness, can be used to provide surveillance over a wide area, or surface surveillance at airports.


Instrument Landing System

Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) are designed to provide aircraft with precision final approach guidance, offering a horizontal and vertical flight path to the runway.