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Remote Communications Outlets

NAV CANADA has redesigned the Flight Information Service Enroute (FISE) Remote Communications Outlet (RCO) system to improve enroute communications and information services to pilots.
Below is a link to a brochure that contains information on the new system followed by links to maps of RCO locations, frequencies and their responsible Flight Information Centre (FIC). FISE RCO maps are also published in the Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) Planning Section C just before the VFR Chart Updating Data information.
Most dial-up RCOs (DRCO) were replaced under the redesign project but a few still remain. To use a DRCO, key the radio microphone 4 times in a row, with no more than 1 second between each keying. For more detailed information on using DRCOs see the CFS under General / Communications or the Transport Canada AIM COM.

RCO brochure

FISE RCO Maps (Call Sign)

Arctic RCOs (Edmonton Radio, Winnipeg Radio & Quebec Radio)​
Whitehorse (Whitehorse Radio)​
Kamloops (Pacific Radio)
Edmonton (Edmonton Radio)
Winnipeg (Winnipeg Radio)
London (London Radio)
Quebec (Quebec Radio)
Halifax (Halifax Radio)