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Proposal Submission Procedures 

NAV CANADA must assess all proposals for land use near airports and air navigation infrastructure before construction begins.

These proposals must be submitted to NAV CANADA using the Land Use Submission Form.

Processing times vary, but NAV CANADA attempts to respond within 8 to 12 weeks of receiving a complete proposal. The accuracy and completeness of the initial documentation and your cooperation and promptness in remedying deficiencies or inaccuracies will help to expedite the review process.

Any omissions of required data and supporting documentation, such as maps or site location/coordinate discrepancies, will cause delays in processing the application.      

Removal of Obstructions

NAV CANADA maintains a database of structures that could affect Air Navigation Services. Our Land Use office updates this database as structures are built or demolished. We rely on developers to help us keep this valuable database accurate. Send completed Notice of  Removal forms to the Land Use Office by email (landuse@navcanada.ca) or fax (613-248-4094).

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