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Submitting an RPAS Flight Authorization Request​

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I submit my online request?

When you submit your online request, a tracking number for your request will appear on screen. Record the number for future reference and correspondence regarding your request.

Who receives the request?

The online form goes to the appropriate NAV CANADA RPAS office for your region. At the office your request is reviewed to make sure all sections of the form have been completed, the information is accurate, and the details of your mission are clearly understood.

When will I receive notification about my request?

After your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email from our RPAS office with the status of your request.  Your request may be:
  • Approved – no further action required
  • Denied – information will be provided to explain this status
  • Pending – you may be asked for more information, or more time may be required to review the request if it is complex 

How long does the authorization process take?

We will make every effort to process your request as quickly as possible but review and processing time will depend on the complexity of the request.

Will I have to submit separate forms for each flight?

If all the parameters of your mission are the same, but the flights will occur on different dates, you can list all the dates in the Mission Objectives section and submit one form.

Will I have to submit separate forms for each RPA I may use?

No, you do not. List all the RPAs you may use for that specific mission in the Mission Objectives section of the form.  

What makes a request complex?

Factors that increase the complexity of a request include the requested altitude, proximity to airports and runways, and any other request that may impact aviation activity in the area where you propose to fly your RPA. 

What do I do with the approval?​

Always keep the approval with you while flying your RPA, along with your pilot certificate and an operational mobile phone.