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Fundamentals of Performance Based Navigation STARs

With PBN operations becoming increasingly commonplace across the country, NAV CANADA has produced this video series to expand and reinforce understanding of PBN STAR procedures and processes.
These videos were developed for customers as well as air traffic services, and as such, provide improved awareness of operations on both sides of the microphone.
The series includes 11 videos addressing common aspects of flight operations when using a STAR. The topics and videos are available below.

FMS Coded Restrictions

Understand the potential workload impact for pilots if they are vectored off of a STAR.

Sequencing in relation to descent

Learn what information ATC can provide flight crews to facilitate meeting descent requirements when radar vectors and speed assignments affect system-calculated descent profiles.

Absorbing delay in descent

Understand the relative efficiency differences when sequencing descending aircraft using vectors or speed control.

FMS Airborne Flight Plans

Observe the steps required to enter, verify and amend a full route clearance in a modern FMS.  

Ad-Hoc Waypoints

Understand the importance of clear communication when re-routing an aircraft via waypoints not currently on their route of flight. 

Referencing Waypoints

Understand the best waypoints to reference when using tactical restrictions to RNAV/PBN equipped aircraft.

Runway Changes

Understand the steps necessary for the flight crew to change runways and/or approaches. Observe the complexity associated with late runway changes.  

Overflights and Arrival Conflicts

When an arrival and an overflight conflict, understand the relative efficiency of solving the conflict by vectoring the overflight rather than the vectoring the arrival.

Impact of “Direct to”

Understand the impact to a controller’s plan and the aircraft’s descent profile when a flight crew is provided with a vectored short-cut off a constant descent PBN STAR.

Changing STARs

Understand the importance of using correct phraseology when communicating changes to STAR routings. 
NAV versus FLC Mode
Observe the different results on aircraft performance using VNAV versus FLC mode.
NAV CANADA thanks WestJet and Air Canada who contributed significantly to the development of these videos.