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International Training


NAV CANADA offers training services to Air Navigation Service Providers from other countries requiring Air Traffic Control (ATC) certification programs for their staff.

Our ATC training specialists provide a range of programs designed to maximize your team’s performance and ensure that your ANS operates safely and efficiently.

After completing our programs, your ATC staff will be: 

  • Ready to begin training in your facility;

  • Trained to use air traffic control technology to a professional standard;

  • Equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage all air traffic situations;

  • Familiar with the requirements of their home work environment; and

  • Able to serve customers in ICAO-compliant aviation English.

Please note that individuals seeking training to become an air traffic controller in a country other than Canada must apply through that country’s Air Navigation Service Provider.


For course registration, information and inquiries, please contact the Director of International Training:

Tel: +1 (613) 563-5588