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Aeronautical Information Submissions 

Aeronautical data of the highest quality remains the backbone of a safe, efficient and reliable air navigation service. As our deeply interconnected global systems prepare for future growth, NAV CANADA is evolving its aeronautical data exchange process in lockstep with industry.
To ensure integrity of aeronautical data is maintained throughout the data process from origination to distribution, NAV CANADA – the country’s AIS provider – is formalizing the provision of aeronautical information and data. Corrupt, erroneous, late, or missing aeronautical data and aeronautical information can lead to potential safety risks. The following NAV CANADA Aeronautical Information Submission mechanisms are part of the global transition to more dynamic, integrated, immediate and accessible data-centered Aeronautical Information Management (AIM):
Formal Arrangements: Submission of Aeronautical Data and Information Concerning Private Meteorological Services
Formal Arrangements enable quality-assured data and information by identifying the accountable party, specifying necessary information,
and describing the quality requirements. Formal Arrangements will ultimately extend to all aeronautical information and aeronautical data. The initial phase of the transition establishes formal arrangements with Aeronautical Data Originators (ADOs) with regards to private meteorological (MET) stations. 
Establishing Formal Arrangements
Before submitting aeronautical data to NAV CANADA, you must first establish a formal arrangement with NAV CANADA as an ADO. Aeronautical Data Originators are expected to appoint one Aeronautical Data Originator with the knowledge and competence to carry out the responsibilities of the position. To do this, please submit the completed and signed Aeronautical Data Originator & Data Product Specification Agreement for Private Meteorological Services (ADO-DPS MET) to  AISDATA@navcanada.ca
Submitting MET Station Data Changes
After you have signed an ADO-DPS MET Agreement, you may submit aeronautical data changes for MET stations. Please submit the completed Private Meteorological Services Data Submission Form (DSFMET) to AISDATA@navcanada.ca. The Data Product Specifications for Private Meteorological Services (DPSMET) provides the data specifications required to complete the Private Meteorological Services Data Submission Form (DSFMET).
Forms and Reference Tools
Using PDF Forms
Please note: We recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer to view these forms in a browser.
Do not print the PDF Forms. This site uses PDF form technology and they must be filled and submitted electronically. If you have problems submitting the forms, please email AISDATA@navcanada.ca or call
Formal Arrangements Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Please direct any general inquiries or report technical issues to 
Data Collection: Submission of Aeronautical Data and Information other than Private Meteorological Services
All aeronautical data submissions and questions should be directed to NAV CANADA AIM Data Collection (AISDATA@navcanada.ca) or telephone 1-866-577-0247.
For submission of aeronautical data and information related to privatemeterological services data, refer to Formal Arrangements:  
Submission of Aeronautical Data and Information Concerning Private Meteorological Services
On-line Accountable Source System (ACS): Used for Aircraft Movement Surface Condition Reports
Reporting authorities can upload Aircraft Movement Surface 
Condition Reports (AMSCR) directly to the NAV CANADA system usingour own web application, SNOWiz (via the 
ACS website). This current information becomes immediately available to customers on the Aviation Weather Web Site (AWWS) and Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN) as a NOTAMJ. Authorities that have an automated reporting system may benefit from the direct web service that links their system directly with the NAV CANADA system, streamlining reporting.
Reporting authorities may sign a service level agreement with NAV CANADA. To obtain a login code for SNOWiz, send an email to service@navcanada.ca.  
For additional information on applicable supported service for Canadian Aerodromes, please consult the Level of Service Policy and the NAV CANADA External Design Organization Documents pages.​