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Aeronautical Publications

NAV CANADA produces the following aeronautical publications:

Canada Air Pilot 

Aeronautical information related to the arrival or departure portions of flight instrument approach procedures, standard instrument departure procedures, and noise abatement procedures; published in seven volumes that provide cross-Canada coverage and is updated every 56 days.

Restricted Canada Air Pilot

Aeronautical information related to the arrival or departure portions of restricted instrument procedures that require pre-flight approval by Transport Canada; updated every 56 days.  

Canada Flight Supplement 

A joint civil-military publication containing information on Canadian and North Atlantic aerodromes; used as a reference for planning and conducting air operations and updated every 56 days.

The Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement

Tabulated data and graphical information in support of Canadian VFR charts; contains a directory of all water aerodromes shown on Canadian VFR charts and lists communications stations data, radio aids and other data supplemental to the VFR charts; a bilingual publication revised annually.


Also known as the electronic publications CD, contains all 56 day cycle publications in electronic format. This includes the Canadian Flight Supplement, Canada Air Pilot, Enroute Charts and Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement. The information contained on this Compact Disk is for reference purposes only. IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR AIR NAVIGATION PURPOSES. The maps and charts contained on this Compact Disk cannot be and are NOT depicted to scale and are not necessarily of the same colours as the paper charts. Pilots and other users are advised to obtain and use paper charts and maps for air navigation purposes.

The E-Pub CD is available in bilingual format.

Aeronautical publications are available by subscription or single order.