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Modernizing Canada’s Navigation Network


In an effort to leverage the advances in satellite-based navigation and customer equipment, NAV CANADA has initiated a multi-year project to define a reduced network of ground-based NAVAIDs across the country, supporting the transition to a more efficient and cost-effective PBN-based air navigation service for our customers.

The objective of the NAVAID Modernization Program (NMP) is to define a network of ground-based navigation aids to supplement a fully-implemented, satellite-based ANS.  This will be the largest navigation realignment yet to be undertaken in Canada.

In preparation for the proposed program, consultations were conducted with customers and stakeholders in 2016-2017, through the aeronautical study process. ​In November 2017, the aeronautical study was delivered to Transport Canada for review. Transport Canada has confirmed their concurrence with our recommendations.

A phased approach to the proposed project will be used to ensure it is completed in the safest and most efficient manner. Given the project’s size, complexity and long implementation timeline, NAV CANADA is committed to ongoing coordination with affected users based on the change schedule and its implications. The time frame for each phase will be based on an Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) cycle with a submission and review every five months. The completion date of the modernization project is planned for May 2024.

For more information relating to the NAVAID Modernization Program, visit the links below, or contact service@navcanada.ca.