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Aeronautical Data Pack request

Annual Subscription

Aeronautical Data products are sold as an annual, renewable subscription under the terms of a Commercial Data Licence Agreement.  Your subscription will entitle you to access your selected Data Packs and updates to the Data Packs via NAV CANADA’s data portal for the duration of your subscription, including any renewal period.

To order Aeronautical Data complete the Aeronautical Data Request form and submit it to service@navcanada.ca

One Time Subscription

Data may be made available for one time use for research or consultation purposes. 

To order data for one time use, complete the Aeronautical Data Request form​  and submit it to service@navcanada.ca


Your Aeronautical Data Request will be assessed and you will be provided with a quote for provision of the data, as well as a copy of a Commercial Data Licence Agreement (unless NAV CANADA declines to supply the Aeronautical Data).  Aviation Liability insurance is a requirement if the data is to be used for air navigation purposes.

 Following a signed agreement and receipt of payment, NAV CANADA will provide you with instructions on how to access the ordered Aeronautical Data via the NAV CANADA external portal. Delivery is only available via this method.

Depending on your use of the Aeronautical Data, user fees will be payable under the Commercial Data Licence Agreement. The applicable fee(s) may also vary in accordance with the Commercial Data Licence Agreement.