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NAV CANADA offers aeronautical data packs for purchase in electronic format, excel or CSV. 

 NAV CANADA is the official source of Canadian Aeronautical information and as such, NAV CANADA is the owner of the intellectual proprietary rights of Canadian aeronautical data.  The data is protected under the Copyright Act of Canada.

 NAV CANADA has a range of Aeronautical Data Products available for purchase as summarised in the Data Pack table below. Aeronautical data is only available in Data Packs as a whole and individual datasets within a product group are not available for purchase.

 Aeronautical Data Packs available for purchase

A - Aerodrome List

Airport list and location - Full name, ICAO ident, agcc

 B - Aerodrome Data (includes data pack A)

Navaids - Ident, type, name, frequency, location
Runway Details - Ident, bearing, length, width,
Aerodrome Details - Key phone numbers, Type of Communications, magnetic variation, grivation, time zone, elevation, operator, public facilities, customs, services

C - Obstacle Data

Lat, Long, ASL, AGL, lighted, marked, community name

D - Airway Data

IFR, IAP procedure routes, waypoints, high or low level, type of route (RNAV), vhf/uhf, distance, bearing, cut, pop, mea, moca, Outside control zone, inside control zone


AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) regular updates

F - Suite

All products above

G- Aeronautical Information Products - PDF version

Canada Flight Supplement, Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement, Canada Air Pilot, Enroute Charts, Visual Flight Rules charts (VFR)

Custom Data  

Custom Data Packs are data that is not provided within the standard data pack groups. NAV CANADA may customise data to meet individual customer needs by request.  Additional fees may be added for customization.  Contact service@navcanada.ca for further detail. 

Flight Data​

In addition to aeronautical data, flight data is also available through special request.  Please compete the Flight Data Request​ form​ and contact service@navcanada.ca for more information regarding the licensing of flight data.  

Request an Aeronautical Data Pack​