Technical Operations Training

The Work Environment


A career as a Technologist with NAV CANADA puts you on the front lines ensuring that critical air navigation systems are performing at their best. We operate coast-to-coast-to-coast with more than 450 Electronics Technologists located at 35 different sites across the country.


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The variety and complexity of the systems you work on is nothing short of fascinating. No two days are the same when you are learning about, maintaining and repairing our operational systems. Add to that the advanced systems NAV CANADA develops in-house (and sells internationally), and there’s enough variety to keep the most technologically-interested people engaged for an entire career.

Safety Focus

The key to our world-leading safety record is a fully integrated Safety Management System (SMS) - one that recognizes that good safety performance is a sound business practice. It’s an integral part of our approach to safety every day. We’re also committed to an approach known as “Just Culture” – building a collaborative work environment based on trust, where everyone is encouraged to provide essential safety information so that we can all learn from incidents or errors.


The Air Navigation Service and the systems it relies on need to be up and running – always. That means you need to be ready to respond to emergency requests, work shifts and sometimes, overtime. There is always a technologist “on call” at each location. Shift work and being on call are scheduled on a rotating basis. You also have to be able to manage changing priorities because of operational requirements to get the job done.


With more than 1,400 systems across the country you can expect to travel. This is especially true if you join the CNS team responsible for navigational aids and equipment in the field. For CNS technologists, travel varies based on the region of the country. Depending on your assignment, you may need to work alone for periods of time. For scheduled maintenance, CNS Technologists usually travel Monday to Friday. ATM Technologists typically travel only for special projects or training purposes.



At NAV CANADA, we believe in rewarding good work. While you’re training to become an air navigation technology expert, NAV CANADA will provide you with a training salary that ranges from approximately $42,272 to $66,203 annually. Once you complete your training, your salary moves to the $66,239 to $87,768 range, with increases as you gain experience and move through classification levels.

Add to that our pension plan, a pensionable competency premium*, our comprehensive health and dental care plan, long term disability insurance plan, health and wellness programs and three weeks of vacation time to start, and our total compensation is among the top in the industry.    

Why? Because we want the best to join our team.


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NOTE: Please note that some positions not eligible for pensionable competency premium.