Our engineers, software developers and technologists work in a highly collaborative environment, creating and improving technology, and developing solutions that are used in Canada and around the world.


You’ll find our teams hard at work on hardware and software, with responsibilities from coding to field installation. They work collaboratively with other operational employees designing, developing, virtualizing, testing, producing and deploying advanced technology that meets our complex operational requirements, and has a direct impact on air traffic efficiency and safety.

Our teams thrive on innovation - like the employees who develop Air Traffic Management systems for our air traffic control towers and Area Control Centres. Using this equipment, complex information about each aircraft is transmitted seamlessly as it flies across Canada. These teams innovate both here in Canada, and with international partners, managing aircraft over the North Atlantic.


You may want to become involved with the professionals responsible for our Communications, Navigation and Surveillance systems. Their work means we can track aircraft using equipment that ranges from radar to mulitlateration, and they are part of the team developing our capabilities to use Aireon, a revolutionary new space-based ADS-B surveillance system.


We also like to share our engineering skills and knowledge by working collaboratively with other Air Navigation Service Providers world-wide. Our business development team is responsible for supporting partnerships around the globe, adapting NAV CANADA technology for some of the busiest airports in the world.

Our employees are professionals from a range of disciplines that includes Avionics, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Software and Systems Engineering and Electronics Technology, all making a significant contribution to Canada’s Air Navigation System.

Are you looking for an Engineering career? If you’re a creative, hardworking team player who is interested in working on unique projects that help aircraft fly safely and efficiently, we might be the right fit for you.


"While putting a new surveillance system into operation, I participated in flight testing
onboard an aircraft, performed an analysis of the data, and then watched Air Traffic
Controllers use our data to guide aircraft."

Olivia, Systems Engineer