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Do I have to use a pharmacy in the PPN? 
No. Using a pharmacy in the Preferred Pharmacy Network is optional but it offers many benefits including lower out-of-pocket expenses. More importantly, the plan will charge you the per script fee of $4.00 if your prescription drug expense is not purchased at one of the Preferred Pharmacies.
How do I find a participating pharmacy? 
Go to the “How it Works” section and select your province from the list. Participating pharmacies and their websites are shown for each province.
Why is there no PPN in Quebec? 
The Code of Ethics of the Association Québécoise des Pharmaciens Propriétaires (AQPP) includes a number of provisions precluding price rebating (or other profit sharing) to PBMs (insurers, drug card providers) or plan sponsors in exchange for plan member incentive to use a preferred pharmacy.  
Do I have to provide my pay-direct drug card information to the preferred pharmacy to access the preferred rates and waiver of script fee?
Yes. In order to access the waiver of per script fee ($4) and the lower cost preferred rates you must provide your drug card to the pharmacist at the point of sale. If the drug card is not presented, you will not benefit from the lower cost preferred arrangement.
Published on February 01, 2016