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Is my family eligible for benefits?
Supporting documents as defined below must be provided to and approved by your Management Payroll Advisor before family coverage under the Health Care and Dental Care Plans can be in effect.
  • Spouse: Birth certificate of spouse and marriage certificate
  • Common law: Birth certificate of common law partner and statutory declaration
  • Child: Birth certificate
  • Foster Child: Birth certificate and legal guardianship documentation
  • Adopted Child: Birth certificate and legal guardianship documentation (if not indicated on birth certificate)
  • Step-Child: Birth certificate (will only be eligible if spouse/common-law approved)

You may choose family coverage under the Health Care and Dental Care Plans to cover your spouse and children, once they meet the plans’ definitions and proof of eligibility has been provided. Only one spouse may be covered at one time. You can obtain coverage for your spouse and children under the Dependent Insurance Plan as well as under the Critical Illness Insurance Plan.

In the event of your death, your surviving spouse who is eligible for a pension from the NAV CANADA Pension Plan, can join the Health Care Plan once his or her pension becomes payable.
What if I am not at work the day my coverage is supposed to start?

Coverage cannot begin when you are not considered to be actively at work.

Being at work for the Basic Life Insurance, Management Insurance and the Long-term Disability Insurance Plans, means:
  • not disabled and:
    • actually working at NAV CANADA,
    • assigned elsewhere by NAV CANADA, or
    • away for vacation, a weekend or statutory holiday, or shift variance.
Being at work for the Health Care Plan, Dental Care Plan and Critical Illness Insurance Plan means:
  • performing the usual duties of your job or, if on a scheduled workday off, at work on your last scheduled workday.
How do I know for sure that I have Health or Dental Care coverage?
  • Once you have applied for coverage through the Oracle self serve “Benefits” module you will be directed to a confirmation statement which indicates your coverage and effective dates.
  • Eligible dependants will be covered once all supporting documentation has been received and approved by your Pay and Benefits Advisor at which point the “pending documents” field in the confirmation statement in the Oracle Self Serve “Benefits” module will indicate “no”.
  • You will receive confirmation of coverage by email when you enrol in the Health Care Plan and once your eligible dependants have been approved.
  • Annually, all active employees receive a personalized Total Compensation Statement that details coverage and premiums paid the previous calendar year.
What if I lose or damage my benefit card?

You can visit the Sun Life Financial web site at www.mysunlife.ca/NAVCANADA and enter your Access ID and password to access your benefit information under the Health Care Plan and/or Dental Care Plan. To obtain your Access ID, contact a Sun Life Financial Customer Care representative at 1-800-361-6212. The contract number (25298) and your member certificate number (provided by your Management Payroll Advisor) will be required.

Once on the site, you must click on the “take me to” drop down menu in the centre of the page. Choose and click on “print a drug card”. An image of the drug card will appear on screen. Simply print as many copies as you require.
Can I change from single to family coverage under the Health Care Plan or vice versa? How?

Yes, anytime. To change from single to family coverage, you must update your Health Care Coverage type through the Oracle Self Serve Benefit Module providing supporting documentation for eligible dependants within 90 days of marriage, change to common-law status, or birth of child and coverage takes effect the date of the event (subject to approval of proof of eligibility documents). If you miss that deadline, the change takes effect on the first day of the fourth month after the application is received.

When changing from family to single coverage, the effective date of the change will be no later than 60 days following receipt of the application.
Can I cancel coverage?

You cannot cancel compulsory coverage.

For optional coverage, you can cancel anytime. However, if you wish to reapply later, some restrictions may apply.

To cancel Health Care coverage, you must update your coverage type to “no coverage” in the Oracle Self Serve Benefit Module.
Published on February 01, 2016